Homeschool Burnout & Recovery

Nearly twelve years ago we achieved our dream, one we’d been working towards for years, we finally purchased our rural property! It was the best of both worlds, 147 acres/49 ha only 15 minutes from town. The property was everything we had looked for with the variety we wanted, it was; cleared, semi-cleared and bush, […]

The Way We Learn

Joining up with fellow Aussie homeschool families once again to bring to you our unique perspectives about a variety of ‘not back to school‘ topics, hosted by Kylie from Our World Wide Classroom. This week we’re chatting about ‘The Way We School,’ talking about not only our philosophies but how this looks in the reality, what […]

It Takes a Community

Twenty five years ago my mother began home educating my younger siblings, this was a pivotal time to be home educating in NSW, Australia.  Home education was little known and illegal, my mum fought for rights that her children and in turn her grandchildren have enjoyed.  A couple of years after mum made this brave […]

Striving to Find and Maintain Our Stride

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Cherished Hearts at Home and some of us are chatting about: Finding our Stride.…Homeschoolers with highschoolers, particularly long term homeschoolers tend to find a groove.  How has your family’s educational philosophy evolved over the years?  Where do you find yourself in the highschool years?  We began our […]

Launching a Later Reader

A few weeks back I asked my readers for advice regards motivating a later reader. “Any great ideas on how to motivate an 8yr old girl to read?  She is so close to reading independently but doesn’t want to put in the hard work, ’cause it is hard at this stage.  I’m open to bribery suggestions;)” […]

Fostering Independence

This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Living Without School and we are chatting about: Nurturing Independence in High School….  To what extent do your highschoolers collaborate in planning their studies, how do you encourage your highschoolers to take the reins of their education, what tools do you use and how is this input […]

The Mission, The Strategy, The Focus

Participating in the Homeschool High School Carnival, in fact this is our launch edition!  Sharing my thoughts today about: The Wide View….How does your family’s ‘big picture’/goals/educational philosophy affect/guide your planning and translate into what your highschoolers do on a daily/weekly basis? Do you generalise or specialise?  Like many home educating families we began this […]

Writing Elsewhere Today

Today I’m honoured to be featured at Learning Alongside in April’s running ‘Interview with a Home Educator series.’ April posed some real reflective questions such as; Why did you choose to home educate your children?  Do you follow a particular learning style/philosophy? Has there been any major obstacle you have had to overcome to pursue homeschooling? […]