Nature Study Failure? – The Adventurous Years

One day we invited another ‘town’ friend to join us at the natural ponding on the edge of the hockey fields.  In amongst ensuring my toddler didn’t fall in, sketching the ducks on the pond, finding a bird’s nest and discussing the pond’s flora an idea was born.  An idea that was to change our nature experience, […]

Nature Study Failure? – The Earliest Years

Upon introduction to Charlotte Mason her wisdom resonated with me in most subjects, however there were a few that were ‘stumbling blocks’ and we have ‘tackled them’ with varying degrees of success. When Pam was so bold as to publicly admit she was a Nature Study Drop Out I immediately ‘yelled’, “me too”, but over time I began to ponder, was I […]

Literacy and Beginner Readers

Educational experts are enthusiastic in promoting exposure to literature, and exposure from a young age, as the key to reading success. Language, thinking and literacy development are fostered by regular reading. Enjoying and sharing books has been played a huge role in our family culture over the years, however at times it has ebbed rather […]

Our Friendship Quilt

Who have been your friends along your homeschooling journey? Sue has shared about friends who have influenced her as she has travelled along her Home Education journey and invites us to share about our friends. So to continue my story. When my mum began homeschooling it was the early 80s, home education then was perceived by many to be […]

Beginning Our Home Education Journey

What attracted to you to homeschooling?  How did you get started? Sue has shared her family’s story and would love to hear from others, how they began their homeschooling journey.  I’ve touched very briefly on our journey’s beginning before, but I thought I’d now share the full story. When I was a teenager in the 80s my mum began […]