Aussie NBTS – Our Plans & Resources

 This week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop Kylie has us all chatting about our plans and resources for the upcoming year. We’ve been home educating for well over a decade now, we were drawn to home education from the beginning.  Initially we were strongly influenced by John Holt (unschooling/Natural Learning) Raymond Moore […]

Liturgical Year Resources – Spreadsheet

A few years ago my friend Anne inspired me when she shared how she had compiled an inventory of her collection of saint books. Anne’s aim was to utilize her library to the fullest with her children. As I could relate to the feeling of owning many wonderful books but knowing they were not being […]

Planning Liturgical Feasts – July to September

For Mary as she asked: I am in the process of planning out my kindergarten’s academic schedule, this is our first year of home schooling. I am interested in how you are planning out the liturgical year, do you mind sharing your plans? Despite maintaining Faith Filled Days we have not been consist in celebrating […]

Direction For Our Highschoolers

This year finds us with three highschoolers, and even more sobering, our oldest is in Grade 11! *(Highschool in NSW, Australia is Grades 7- 12) We spent time in the holidays prayerfully discerning our direction, and consequently decided on some new materials (and old). In thanks to friends and fellow bloggers who have supported and […]

Living & Learning Sketch – October

Thanks to my friend Gae for inspiring me to finally organise my thoughts a whole month ahead. and ‘lending’ me her format. The first two weeks of October we will be taking ‘school’ holidays, so life will be a little different. FAITH: The Month of the Most Holy Rosary As two name days occur this […]

Enjoying and Recording the Sights of Asia

Following are the detailed plans which I will hand to our older children for our Asian sojourn. I have previously shared our goals and resources. I share them here in the humble hope that they may help others as I have been often been generously aided. Create a continent notebook; include narrations, art work, recipes,photos, […]

Traveling to Asia, Resources

As I shared in my previous post we are ‘traveling’ to Asia in the coming Term. I have been gathering together book titles (from home and the library), audio resources and online links. Just what countries we are visiting are primarily dictated by the books I have found. Online Resources National Geographic Map Game Online […]

Geography Goals

This term we are ‘visiting’ Asia; by popular request. As Australia is part of Australasia I feel it important to know our neighbours. For the last week I have been working on detailed plans and truthfully I have found it difficult to gather my thoughts (and resources) as we have not often studied geography in […]