Beating the Winter Blues

All term we have struggled to be enthused in our learning endeavours; perhaps it is the change in Season, perhaps it is simply time for a change. Our weekly expectations sheets were taking on a feeling of confinement. Whilst the tick boxes are rather beneficial in clarity of direction they had developed an unwanted factor. […]

Creating Peace from Chaos

We have been working on minimising the chaos that can occur here. This week we have implemented my ideas (No.3) regarding no interruptions, ironing out the rules and strategies. I thought I’d share, as talking to my homeschooling friends this week I realise we are not alone. The interruptions that occur are all related to […]

Keeping it Simple

As I shared before I have spent a lot of time lately praying for guidance for the direction our learning is to take for 2009. Prince Charming and I were reading and discussing homeschool philosophy and approaches before even our first was conceived. John Holt and Raymond Moore had a huge influence in those years. […]

Brainstorming with my Readers

Term 4 starts back next week for us here, and I’m batting around different ideas in my head and not making progress. So.. I’ve come here to brainstorm, I’d love some input. For the last week of last term I tried something a little different with my dc. I guess you could call it ‘block […]

Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 3

As I shared previously I am organising our subjects for the term into blocks. For the five youngest that is. Block A will consist of History, Language Arts and Fine Arts A, Block B will consist of Science,Geography, Typing and Fine Arts B. Maths, Faith and Literature will be included in blocks A and B. […]

Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 2

When the children were all primary age literature and poetry reading happened constantly and easily, for some inexplicable reason it has been far more of an effort and only happened infrequently during the last couple of years:( To facilitate literature sharing I have started planning book and poetry lists. But just as importantly as what […]

Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 1

Planning looks different for every family, in this household planning even looks different every term, dependent on many factors. Factors to take into consideration include children’s learning styles, mum’s teaching style, children’s interests and mum’s strengths and weaknesses and simply the sheer logistics of a large family. Oh yeah and this term I have to […]