Recent Creativity In Our Home

  Princess has been totally engaged lately in teaching herself how to draw. We’ve been completely impressed and surprised to see what previously unknown talent she has.   How to Draw books abound on our shelves, so she has plenty of instruction.   Note the detail, the leg line, the eye expression! Princesses of course […]

Kindling & Fanning Scientific Minds

The well known quote “education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”, encapsulates our educational philosophy, a less erudite phrase that also sums up our approach is, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” These two phrases shine forth quite strongly in our approach to understanding and learning about scientific matters. […]

Supporting Our Scientist

This month’s carnival is hosted by Lapaz Home Learning and I’m chatting about: Science in High School…. All of our children have been interested in science to varying degrees but for the purpose of this carnival I wish to share in particular the journey of our son, Einstein.  He is our first to plan on […]

Computer Triage

When discussing with our teens what direction they wished to take with Science this term they were keen on studying and pulling apart small motors.  Then the idea of dismantling computers  was raised. Contacting a friend they were excited to discover the R family had 5 computers not functioning which they were welcome to have. […]

Questacon Science Fun Play

As promised some photos from the Fun Play. It was very well organised. When we arrived Questacon representatives read Pamela Allen’s ‘Who Sank the Boat.’ Then they led the children in a discussion of flotation and displacement, in an age appropriate manner of course, in conjunction with an experiment. All week my children have been […]

Term in Review – ‘Triffic Thursday

This term we delved a little into Space, truly it is such a vast topic. The best books we found on the topic were by Seymour Simon. The information is fascinating and informative and the layout with eyecatching pictures makes his books an enjoyable read. The Stars The Sun and Destination: Jupiter gave us our […]