Read Only For A Week: Our Pick-A-Read Challenge

Recently we suspended our regular learning routine for a week to try something a little different. We have a few children whose reading skills are in want of attention; we’ve a child who simply needs encouragement to blossom, another who can functionally read though not at age level and never for pleasure, another who teeters on […]

Transitions Within Our Home Education

Over the past few weeks we’ve been chatting about a variety of ‘not back to school‘ topics with other fellow Aussie home educating families, hosted by Kylie from Our World Wide Classroom. We’ve shared our Goals for Our Year Ahead, we’ve reflected on They Way We Learn and listed a huge line up of the Resources We Are Using, this week […]

Resources We Are Using

Joining up once again for more talk about ‘not back to school‘ topics with fellow Aussie homeschool families. Hosted by Kylie from Our World Wide Classroom and this week we’re chatting about ‘Resources We Are Using.’ One of the  attractions of home education is the freedom to choose which resources suit individual family’s beliefs, learning styles and lifestyle. We […]

The Way We Learn

Joining up with fellow Aussie homeschool families once again to bring to you our unique perspectives about a variety of ‘not back to school‘ topics, hosted by Kylie from Our World Wide Classroom. This week we’re chatting about ‘The Way We School,’ talking about not only our philosophies but how this looks in the reality, what […]

Goals For Our Year Ahead

The new school year begins this month Australia wide. As in years past I’m joining up with a band of Aussie families for four weeks of ‘not back to school‘ blogging chat hosted Kylie at Our World Wide Classroom. Over the next few weeks we will chat about a variety of topics relating to the upcoming year, each family […]

How Artventure Nurtures Talent

*Disclosure: We received a subscription for this program in exchange for our honest review. All opinions expressed in this post are our own based on our family’s experience regards the program and service. Nurturing creativity is valued in our home, various resources are always accessible and when the desire to create is present, time to do so is made […]

How To Create Your Own Multiplication Chart

It has been our experience that when a child hits a ‘road block’ with maths the reason can often be traced back to not knowing their multiplication tables thoroughly enough. To this end, chanting multiplication tables has been added to the daily memorisation list this year. However I’ve been frustrated by the fact we haven’t had a […]

Diving Deep: Leaping into Literature

We started strong this week with our Leaping into Literature, only to take a deeper dive when a beloved family ritual, The Bookworm made a reappearance. Instantly an intense book reading marathon engulfing the entire family ‘sprang up,’ therefore the time I’d normally devote to reading picture books was derailed into librarian tasks. I’ll explain our Bookworm […]