Keeping it Simple

As I shared before I have spent a lot of time lately praying for guidance for the direction our learning is to take for 2009. Prince Charming and I were reading and discussing homeschool philosophy and approaches before even our first was conceived. John Holt and Raymond Moore had a huge influence in those years. […]

Learning All The Time

The holidays have given my boys and younger girls time to build some incredible K’nex creations. They have spent hours and hours building, and learning;) The cement mixer is my personal favourite, the mixer on the back spins as the model is pushed! How amazing is that? A car. A motorbike. An aeroplane. And the […]

Forming Good Habits

One of my goals for 2009 is re-visiting good habits for the whole family. Habits in many different areas, one is to make your bed every morning! Conversation yesterday goes something like this: Me: I want you to make your bed first thing in the morning. Child: Why? Me: Because it is a good habit […]

Term in Review – ‘Triffic Thursday

This term we delved a little into Space, truly it is such a vast topic. The best books we found on the topic were by Seymour Simon. The information is fascinating and informative and the layout with eyecatching pictures makes his books an enjoyable read. The Stars The Sun and Destination: Jupiter gave us our […]

Term in Review – Math Buster Monday

As I’ve shared we have been trialling a new approach, I have written a little before about our Math Buster Monday and thought I’d share some further highlights. Angela’s idea of Marshmallow Maths had us inspired to join in the fun of building shapes and bridges with marshmallows and toothpicks. (Be sure to see Theresa’s […]

On Reading Matter

We are a reading family, if I confess that Jem at 4 weeks old was issued with his own library card you will understand that I literally mean what I say. Books number in the thousands in our home, every day sees various members holed up with a book, or two. I experience the blessings […]

Reading the Works of ‘The Bard’

As I shared previously we were to study a little Shakespeare this term. Well we stayed to plan (amazing!;) We reserved a pile of books from our library and found we only had time to read the one. Stories from Shakespeare by Geraldine McCaughrean became our favourite, we read plays such as Henry V, Romeo […]