All About Reading: Pre-Reading

At the end of last year I used All About Reading Pre-Reading with our then six year old, our first experience of using a scripted reading program after years of teaching children to read without one.  We are extremely happy with our decision and believe we have finally found ‘the missing key’ to our children’s previous reading […]

Leaping Into Literature: A Less Intense Week

In some respects our Leaping into Literature focus was a little less intense this week, we read far fewer picture books than last week. Although our focus remained on reading, it was more in the nature of our budding readers reading to me rather than me reading to them. I’m finding the most effective method of ensuring reading progress […]

Reading to Teens

Do you read to your teenagers? I’ve just begun reading to our teens after a hiatus of years. Over the years I’ve read aloud to our middle and younger children (mostly) but for various reasons I haven’t been reading to our teens. This has bothered me for years and I’ve yearned to change the situation but have been […]

Leaping into Literature: Third Time Round

This is our third year to embark on our annual Term 4 adventure; Leaping into Literature.  A time when we immerse ourselves in picture books, and chapter books for the older children. This ties in well with our focus this term, literacy; reading, writing and spelling, which deserves a whole post in itself, but suffice for now, we’re seeing […]

This Week in Learning: September 11th, 2015

As I reflect back on this term I’m extremely happy with the progress made; not only in academic skills but lessons learnt about consistently completing tasks.  It’s certainly been the best term we’ve experienced this year. One week until the holidays, planning a little something different for the week, perhaps quizzes and competitions; a Spelling […]

This Week in Learning: August 29th, 2015

As the last fortnight drew to a close I realised with surprise that we have only three weeks of Term 3 left. It’s been a solid term of learning and we’re rather proud of how hard all the children have worked. Speech Therapy Yippee, we’ve graduated weekly lessons. Well we have a huge pile of […]

This Week in Learning: August 14th, 2015

Continuing to be excited about the learning that is happening this Term.  Solid, consistent progress, lessons not only about King Alfred and Japan’s closure to the West but lessons about diligence and time management. A friend and I were chatting yesterday, we’re both long term home-educators with graduates and several children still to educate, we […]

This Week in Learning: July 31st, 2015

We began Term 3 strongly and have continued to power along in the two weeks since.  Rather excited as this is the most intense and productive our learning has been all year, lots of terrific learning happening:) Though admittedly it’s been a little challenging having to compete for their attention with the new chooks as they are […]