Fabric Bins

I’ve been busy making fabric bins.  Due to the nature of our shelving (ex-school cupboards) standard size storage containers don’t fit. The measurement calculations recommended were nearly perfect, although I had to still adjust my height. Making a paper template first is very helpful  (architects’ ‘cast offs’ are perfect) I’m a bit of a ‘cheater’, I […]

Plating Up

In our early years as a family, many an afternoon I would ring my husband at 4.30pm at work and ask him, “What will we have for tea!?” Not planning properly and frozen in decision making, we consequently bought pizza on far too many nights! I came to realise that the key to success for […]

Organisational Bliss

Every family needs a shipping container, truly it is an organisational dream.  Originally, as we spent three years squishing a large family into 77 square metres the shipping container was a necessity. Now it plays a different but integral role. As we had a massive cull and re-organisation of the shed and container recently, I […]

Living in a Little Home

Throughout our married life our homes have consisted of two extremes; very small or very large.  We have owned three homes, the first we reinvented and sold (a story for another day), the last two(8 sq metres-Aust) we renovated and then added huge (house size) extensions. Reflecting on Multiple Mum’s deliberatings; sell and buy larger, extend, or to make better […]

Soap Suds and Pegs

The undeniable fact is, eleven people generate a large, consistent amount of washing.  To ensure the laundry is maintained, a workable system needs to be implemented.  Family dynamics impact dramatically on what is needed and how it is carried out.  The number and ages of family members, family lifestyles and the seasons create variation.  Over the years our methods […]

Preparing for Battle

 The symptoms arrived suddenly this afternoon, no warning at all.  I walked up the hall and instantly knew.  I went from a leisurely stroll through the house to instant command mode in two seconds flat.  Within another three seconds I had a battle plan… It was time to declutter!  The entire house from one end […]