Experimenting in the Kitchen

I’ve been trying a few recipes in the kitchen adding a new favourite and discovering a few ‘don’t repeats.’ Seed & Nut Balls – A huge favourite that we are making just about daily are these Jewel Bliss Balls, full of goodness with almonds, chia seeds, pepitas and sunflower seeds as well as yummies of […]

Kitchen Creativity: Wins & Losses

I’ve been enjoying a creative time in the kitchen recently, claiming quite a few wins along with a spectacular loss. Wins Kale Juice  I was rather dubious about the look of kale juice, it was so green! A friend reassured me it didn’t taste green and it didn’t. I love kale juice, it’s so refreshing. […]

Determined to Master: Sponge Cakes

As a child and teen I attended country ‘do’s’ and dances, at each of these events the tables would groan with home baked goodies carried in by the farmer’s wives. Caramel, chocolate and jam slices, scones with jam and cream, a variety of cakes, layered sponge cakes, goodies upon more goodies.   My brother and […]

Plating Up

In our early years as a family, many an afternoon I would ring my husband at 4.30pm at work and ask him, “What will we have for tea!?” Not planning properly and frozen in decision making, we consequently bought pizza on far too many nights! I came to realise that the key to success for […]

Yoghurt in the Slow Cooker

We purchased yoghurt for a Christmas treat and then craved more.  At $5 a litre the cost was astronomical, so I began investigating how to make our own.  Using these recipes and tips we made a batch up, cost only $3 for 2 litres!  Using a slow cooker is so simple, just three basic steps. Pour 2 litres(.52gal) of […]

Grain Free for Over a Year

It has been over a year since we began on our Primal/Paleo journey, going grain free, sugar and dairy free etc.  Our teen the most affected by acne has not eaten grain bread in all that time! You may remember after reading Loren Cordain’s Dietary Cure for Acne we embarked on this journey to help rid our teens of acne. In […]

Paleo and Experimentation

Our 30 Day Elimination period came to an end a fortnight ago, teen with moderate acne’s inflammation was greatly reduced and skin was looking great, the best it has looked in two years.  As an added bonus we were all experiencing improved health. We decided to re-introduce potatoes first and this appeared to be successful, […]

Beginning Paleo 30 Day Elimination Diet

As recommended in The Dietary Cure for Acne we have begun our 30 Day elimination diet. We are endeavouring to follow the ‘rules’ as closely as possible, however we realistically acknowledge that eliminating sweet potatoes is impossible.  We have already eliminated potatoes, as one child says, “What else is left!” About four days into the […]