From Our Own Garden

Yesterday I finally made a spinach quiche that I was happy with and received rave reviews:) One of the most satisfying part of the meal was that a some of the ingredients were home grown. The spinach and carrots were grown with love by PC, and the eggs were contributed by our own chooks. (and […]

Lemon Tree, Very Pretty

As I mentioned in my last post our lemon tree is simply loaded with lemon. I’ve been trying new recipes on my family and thought I’d share them here. The following two recipes were sent to me by my friend Deanne. Lemon Butter: 4 eggs beaten 4 large lemons 500g sugar 125g butter Grate rind […]

Ruling out Skippies

Since the beginning of the year I have struggled with staying committed to my weight loss plan. Don’t mistake me, I want to lose weight, I just am not very disciplined. One plan I have implemented and stayed faithful to however is the elimination of processed cereal. I can’t believe what a difference that has […]

What Happens When You Juice

The time is drawing nearer, my sister is getting married in a few weeks:) so I have been getting serious about losing weight so as to look my best in my Matron of Honour’s dress. Part of my regime is to juice for breakfast, hence no cereal and no biscuits, cake or bread. I am […]

I am so proud of myself!

March 7th, 2007 This is my year to achieve, yes!!! Already this year I have acheived two elusive goals that I have striven towards for years. Firstly I finally, finally have successfully made scones. After years of failures, grasping at fail proof receipes (so called) I have cooked tall, fluffy scones. Not only once mind […]