What To Do With The Picture Books?

Last week I finally tackled the toppling piles of books in our library which had been accumulating for months. Once I accepted I couldn’t fit all those books onto the shelves, I began a ruthless cull, tossing books that I had considered treasures yet no-one else did. Thirteen boxes of books departed the house making one friend […]

Book Close Up – Aussie Bookcase

Interestingly, whenever I share pictures of our library here on my blog the comments roll in thick and fast, therefore I have to assume that the majority of you aren’t thinking, “Oh no, not another book post” as one reader informed me, “I flick through your book posts, I’m not interested.” Recently Jeanne begged and […]

A Bibliophile Declares, Perfect:)

Recently I realised that our library pics are outdated and blurry.  Thought I’d treat you to a tour of one of the most popular rooms in our house. From the door looking in, it’s rare to find the room empty. The first three bookcases running along the left are; Australian, Childen’s Faith and History.  The […]