Rock Pouches

Our children constantly amaze me with their inventiveness. Recently we were given some jeans with the knees out, I immediately turned them into denim shorts for Michelangelo;) and threw away the offcuts. The children promptly ‘rescued’ the jean bottoms. Then they turned them inside out and ran a seam along the cut opening and instantly […]

Little Girls and Twirly Skirts

Princess is really keen to learn to sew. We decided to start with a circle skirt. They are very quick to make and require no pattern, Princess’ speed on the sewing machine ‘accelerator’ is ‘flat out’. Carpenter kept remarking that he won’t be in the car when Princess starts to drive. Within a couple of […]

Ranger’s Apprentice Cloaks

Ranger’s Apprentice is all the rage here. As part of their Christmas gifts the older children received Ranger’s Apprentice cloaks. Originally I was inspired by Kimberlee’s Josiah’s cloaks but I made a few adaptions. For those keen like my friend Charlotte I’ll endeavour to explain how I made ours. 1- Measure from the top of […]