Diving Deep: Leaping into Literature

We started strong this week with our Leaping into Literature, only to take a deeper dive when a beloved family ritual, The Bookworm made a reappearance. Instantly an intense book reading marathon engulfing the entire family ‘sprang up,’ therefore the time I’d normally devote to reading picture books was derailed into librarian tasks. I’ll explain our Bookworm […]

A Firm Tradition, Our Fourth Year: Leaping into Literature

Hard to believe it’s Term 4 already! For the past three years Term 4 for us has included our annual tradition; Leaping into Literature where we immerse ourselves in reading through a huge slew of picture books and the older children have time to dive into towering piles of novels. This year however I’d made the decision we […]

Australian Geography Unit

We’re rather excited to be ‘trekking around’ Australia with our Australian Geography Unit. Learning more about our nation and deepen our appreciation of this huge and diverse land we are blessed to live in. Over the past decade and a half we’ve embarked upon many unit studies, previously though our unit studies have centered around history, this […]

Our Reading Basket: Reminisces & Plans

  A constant of our home education journey is reading, over the years we’ve read, cried, laughed and devoured hundreds of books together, these ‘friends well met’ are now part of our family culture. Initially, when life was simpler we began our day with reading, as our dynamics changed this ‘time together’ shifted and continues to periodically […]

Leaping into Literature: Our Final Week

Our Leaping into Literature readings have become rather challenged as we juggle a number of major projects in our life, projects that distract our focus and energy elsewhere, in fact this post has languished for a few weeks in drafts, dusting off to share. All three of the older children have been reading up a storm, however focusing on the […]

Leaping into Literature: An Interrupted Week

Last week was an interrupted week; a belated birthday luncheon for our teens with Marnie (my mum) and our annual local festival, always a big week. However despite the distractions we managed to achieve some reading for our Leaping into Literature theme.  Michelangelo(16) The Warrior Heir – Cinda Williams Chima The Wizard Heir – Cinda […]

All About Reading: Pre-Reading

At the end of last year I used All About Reading Pre-Reading with our then six year old, our first experience of using a scripted reading program after years of teaching children to read without one.  We are extremely happy with our decision and believe we have finally found ‘the missing key’ to our children’s previous reading […]

Leaping Into Literature: A Less Intense Week

In some respects our Leaping into Literature focus was a little less intense this week, we read far fewer picture books than last week. Although our focus remained on reading, it was more in the nature of our budding readers reading to me rather than me reading to them. I’m finding the most effective method of ensuring reading progress […]