Advent Roundup

This Sunday we begin Advent, I’m longing for the commencement of Advent this year.  Looking forward to that feeling of Expectation as we travel towards Celebrating the Birthday of the Christ Child. Collating our various Advent posts into an Advent Roundup for your perusal.   Reflections:  Journeying along with Our Blessed Mother Advent Reflections Whilst […]

Jesse Tree in Picture Books

With Advent fast approaching my thoughts are turning toward preparations and celebrations.  It’s been several years since we’ve celebrated with a Jesse Tree, but after reading Ellie’s Jesse Tree in Picture Books I’ve felt re-inspired. Can’t promise we’ll manage making and hanging symbols but readings I can easily manage. Pulling our books off the shelves I realised […]

Advent Reflections Whilst Awaiting the Birth of Our Babe

On the weekend we began preparations for our new babe, the baby is due in only three weeks so it was indeed time.  We’ve set up the cradle, nappies are on the line and neutral clothing is piling up in the laundry. (We’ll wash either boy’s or girl’s clothing after the birth.) I have been […]

Post Revisit: Creating Advent Traditions

As we begin the countdown to the First Sunday in Advent I thought I’d direct you to an old favourite written four years ago.  A letter inspired by my little sister who at the time was celebrating her first Christmas with her firstborn. Talking old Advent posts I’ve organised all of our Advent posts into […]

Christmas Library Collection

This week we borrowed a new pile of books from our local library, some were old favourites which we borrow each year and others were new titles for us. The Donkey’s Christmas Song – Nancy Tafuri A baby was born in a stable and each of the animals welcomed Him. Simple text, crisp pictures, perfect […]

The Feast of St Nicholas 2012

Last week we celebrated the Feast of St Nicholas (Dec 6th), a feast we eagerly anticipate each year.  The children arose in the morning to find their gifts of candy canes, chocolate coins and a book in their sacks. Friends soon arrived to share in our second annual St Nicholas party.  The children enjoyed giving […]

Celebrating the Feast of St Barbara

The celebration of traditions are immensely appealing to children and adults alike, the rhythm of Advent is always greatly anticipated. Following the first Sunday of Advent our family is eager to enjoy the Feast of St Barbara.(December 4th) Our St Barbara’s tower was introduced by a friend whose family came from a little Italian village, Zolli in the Avelino […]

Aussie Christmas Titles

Our Aussie Christmas collection is quite small, however I’m developing a latent fondness for Australian Christmas books.  The Australian humour depicted in many books could perhaps be seen as rather irreverent by some. *Some of my higher stars, may not rate the same for non-Aussies, the humour is often cultural. Aussie Jingle Bells – Colin Buchanan “Dashing […]