Imperfect Advent, Perfect Christmas

Advent this past year was not ‘perfect’. We managed a little reading but alas no baking, no crafts and no decorating. The last two Sundays we attended Mass hundreds of kilometres away far from our own Parish, and though the Church is Universal it wasn’t the same as being home. Yet despite it being an […]

A Portrait A Week – January 28th Edition

A portrait of our children, once a week, every week, in 2014 1. Family portrait. This was ‘the day,’ the day to take formal family shots worthy of enlarging and framing, our recent Christmas tradition. ¬†Yes we’re a few weeks late this year, sadly not of the same calibre as of the other two.   […]

A Pool For Christmas

This Christmas we rather ambitiously decided to buy a pool, due to budget constraints it was decided that a 2nd hand above ground find from ebay would be the more prudent option. ¬†After laying out and marking for size, we hired a dingo digger to take off the topsoil, however a malfunction with the digger […]