Celebrating St Patrick’s Day

Add caption Happy St Pat’s to All:) A momentous day with ‘life’ happening, so alas all great plans did not come to fruition.  However a certain young lad was happy that we did managed to celebrate his name day with cupcakes with green icing! These would seriously have to be the fluffiest, lightest cupcakes we have ever […]

Celebrating The Feast of St Valentine

Rather unexpectedly and totally unplanned we managed in a small way to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. For the past few years we haven’t been very successful in celebrating the Liturgical Year, so when something actually occurs it is monumental and must be recorded for the annals of family  history. If anyone has advice and tips to help […]

Celebrating the ‘Little Way’ With Friends

For our monthly gathering earlier this month we were blessed to be joined by a third friend and her family who drove 2.5hrs to join us!  After chit chatting we enjoyed lunch together . Our theme this month was St Therese, after reading  Saint Therese by Father Gales(OOP) we discussed what is meant by ‘The Little […]

June – Sacred Heart of Jesus

Early June we once again gathered with friends for an afternoon of ‘Faith and Fellowship‘.  Our theme of course was the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  After discussing with the children the devotion to the Sacred Heart, its origins and little aspirations(prayers) we can pray, some of the children enjoyed craft activities, others were keen to […]

Celebrating the Feast of St Joseph

Monday we celebrated the Feast of St Joseph.  As this was one of Michelangelo’s  Name Days he was so determined that we were to have a cake he baked his own.  A grain free Banana Choc-Chip cake, delicious! We’ve made this cake a few times with great success, and of course a few alterations;) we’re often altering. […]

November – Month of All Souls

In the spirit of fellowship a friend and I have undertaken to meet once a month.  Each month our gatherings will have a different focus, we chose to begin with the Church’s Monthly Dedications.  As we began in November our first focus was The Holy Souls.   The children gathered together and we read parts of Father Philip Tells […]

The Feast of Christ the King – Celebration and a Notebook

Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of Christ the King. Part of our celebrations included enjoying our simple Crown cake using Elana’s Chocolate Chip Banana Cake recipe. We had been preparing for the Feast in a variety of ways throughout the week preceding.  A simple and fun activity was to sew felt crowns.  I cut, Princess and […]