Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 3

As I shared previously I am organising our subjects for the term into blocks. For the five youngest that is. Block A will consist of History, Language Arts and Fine Arts A, Block B will consist of Science,Geography, Typing and Fine Arts B. Maths, Faith and Literature will be included in blocks A and B. […]

Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 2

When the children were all primary age literature and poetry reading happened constantly and easily, for some inexplicable reason it has been far more of an effort and only happened infrequently during the last couple of years:( To facilitate literature sharing I have started planning book and poetry lists. But just as importantly as what […]

Planning for the Upcoming Term Part 1

Planning looks different for every family, in this household planning even looks different every term, dependent on many factors. Factors to take into consideration include children’s learning styles, mum’s teaching style, children’s interests and mum’s strengths and weaknesses and simply the sheer logistics of a large family. Oh yeah and this term I have to […]

Homeschool Time Management for Children

Desire to imbibe our children with a thirst for knowledge has long been part of our goals, ideas always abound in our thoughts but how to translate this into the practical, the reality of educating and nurturing seven children is the question. The simple reality is that in the not too distant past we had […]

I Didn’t Even Ask This Time!

A couple of weeks ago I dropped into a friend’s garage sale and saw some beautiful solid timber shelves. I looked at it and pondered, “I really like them, I’m sure I could use them for something very useful but just what.” My friend wandered over and upon being asked what she had used them […]