Ireland, Scotland, England & Wales: Anseo A Thagann Sí

Three short days and our precious Anna Maria(21) boards a plane and heads off on an adventure of a life time. She lands in Dublin and then begins her travels throughout Ireland; then later on Scotland, England and Wales. Three months living and working in Ireland and the UK will be a wonderful experience and […]

Our Learning Spaces – Aussie NBTS

Wrapping up this year’s Aussie NBTS Blog Hop by taking you on a tour of our Learning Spaces. Our home is a ‘house still under construction’, we are slowly melding ‘two houses’ together, some rooms are still awaiting their floorboards, the finishing touches are far from done and decorating is not my forte. However we’ve built our […]

A Day in Our Life – Aussie NBTS

Back with the next installment of the Aussie NBTS blog hop, today I’m sharing a ‘Day in Our Life’. I was hoping when I chose to share a midweek day it would be a ‘normal day’, and it is, and it’s not, ’cause each day is always slightly different. Some days we have after school activities, […]

Our Plans & Resources – Aussie NBTS

Time for more chat over at the Aussie Not Back to School blog hop. Last week I introduced you to our students. Today we are going to talk plans and resources, as we did three years ago. It’s rather timely to be chatting about this topic as a ‘curriculum chat’ was requested by a reader […]

Meet Our Students – Aussie NBTS

Kylie and Chareen are co-hosting the Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop! Three years ago we joined in the fun, and it’s time again:)  Calling out to all Aussie homeschoolers to join in. Be sure to pop on over and meet everyone. We are kicking off the blog hop by introducing our ‘students’. Whilst this year […]

A Week of Surf & Faith

We have just returned from our annual Catholic Home Education camp (our 14th year) a week of sand and surf, our children love the opportunity to swim at the beach daily. We were blessed to have daily Mass with our camp chaplain, Father Terence-Mary gathering together with all camp attendees.   Each evening we concluded the […]

Annual Athletics Carnival – 15th Year

*All photo credits go to our daughter Anna Maria, the official photographer of the day, who took over 1,300 photos on the day!!   Monday saw us enjoying our annual Home Education Athletics Carnival.  Hard to believe it has been 15 years since our local group began hosting this event, in fact when we began this […]