Leaving Home

Hard to believe it was only a month ago that Carpenter left home, it seems much longer than that, so much has happened since.  The day he left was hard, at least for those left at home, just as it was when Anna Maria left, leaving days don’t get easier with subsequent children. Prior to Carpenter leaving […]

Keeping Records

  This month’s Homeschool High School Carnival is hosted by Creating With Wisdom and I’m chatting about …..Record Keeping  In the early days of our home education journey I would buy a business diary every year with half an A4 page of blank lines for each day, however on a good week I only managed […]

Binding Work, Preserving Memories

At the conclusion of each year I bind all of our children’s academic work into a keepsake.  The reason for this is twofold; firstly we wish to demonstrate to the children that their work is precious and worthwhile keeping, secondly in an effort to tame the paper tiger. Finding a workable system to keep track of loose […]

Spreading His Wings and Flying

In only three short weeks our eldest son will be leaving home! Our second child to ‘leave the nest’ and only 12 short months after his sister, how quickly the ‘ranks’ are thinning! Carpenter’s departure date has been rather unexpected and has happened with a rapidity that is only just sinking in. He is excited […]

Living History

“Imagination does not stir at the suggestion of the feeble, much diluted stuff that is too often put into children’s hands.”  “The fatal mistake is in the notion that he must learn ‘outlines,’ of the whole history…of the world. Let him, on the contrary, linger pleasantly over the history of a single man, a short […]

Calendar Countdown!!

Many families at this time of the year are marking down their Advent calendars.  We however, aren’t focused on Advent calendars ’cause we’re busy marking down the days until Anna Maria arrives home. Three days till she is here!!!!!! It has been a long year without her, five long months since she was home.  Safe […]

Inspired by Our Koala Sighting

Inspired by our koala sighting this week our ‘A Book & Activity’ was all about koalas.  Our readings included; Koala Lou by Mem Fox, Kolo the bush Koala(OOP) and Two-Thumbs the Koala by Leslie Rees.(OOP) The first day we made toilet paper roll Koalas. Next we enjoyed making origami koalas. On the third day we made movable […]

Koala Sighting!

Huge excitement at our house this afternoon, Princess discovered a Koala in a gum tree!!! only 25 metres (82 feet) from the house. Investigating extremely loud grunting noises, she was rewarded with the rare sighting of one of our Australian mammals. Koalas are ‘vulnerable‘ in NSW, I certainly haven’t sighted one since a child over […]