In Which I Waffle

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When Jennifer threw down the gauntlet and invited all to, “Join in posting 7 posts in 7 days” I was reasonably confident I could do it.  Being a list maker, I allocated a post to each day, Monday – portraits, … Continued

Blog Review 2012

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Looking back over the year via your blog is always rather interesting.  This year I thought rather than share your favourite posts (my stat button isn’t allowing me to look at the year’s favourites) I’d share my favourites:)  Sometimes my … Continued

Hug Your Loved Ones Extra Tight Tonight

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Tonight my heart aches. This week the homeschooling community in Australia is grieving. Earlier this week Elijah Rainbow Fisher, 6mths tragically drowned. Since I heard the news yesterday I have been in a fog, I cannot comprehend the pain that his … Continued

Strangers Passing Judgement

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Last week Carpenter had a driving lesson prior to his driving test.  Afterwards the instructor discussed the areas needing fine tuning and suggested a few more lessons. Thinking about how we had managed to get him thus far (120 hrs of … Continued

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