Happy New Year, 2013

Happy New Year to al!!l:) A New Year is an exciting event, a blank canvas awaiting the opportunity of new possibilities with a chance to re-write the script.  The last couple of days I’ve been reflecting on the year passed and mulling with fresh resolve for the New Year unfolding.  As in years past I’ve spent […]

Hug Your Loved Ones Extra Tight Tonight

Tonight my heart aches. This week the homeschooling community in Australia is grieving. Earlier this week Elijah Rainbow Fisher, 6mths tragically drowned. Since I heard the news yesterday I have been in a fog, I cannot comprehend the pain that his mother is bowed under. During the night as I tended to my precious boy I […]

Strangers Passing Judgement

Last week Carpenter had a driving lesson prior to his driving test.  Afterwards the instructor discussed the areas needing fine tuning and suggested a few more lessons. Thinking about how we had managed to get him thus far (120 hrs of supervision) and feeling totally confident in concentrating on those areas myself, and considering that each […]

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

During the holidays I finally sorted and organised years of accumulated paper memorabilia. Cards from important events such as; birthdays, Christmases, our Wedding, sympathy, baby congratulations (easier to sort when newborn’s name is specified). A tangible family history, most treasured were re-reading cards with meaningful messages. Then there was a smaller collection of letters.  Love notes […]