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When PC surprised me with the purchase of our NEW lounge for my 40th Birthday I was thrilled. The arrival of a our brand new, leather lounge, signified not simply the purchase of a quality piece of furniture but the culmination of … Continued

The Lost Art of Letter Writing

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During the holidays I finally sorted and organised years of accumulated paper memorabilia. Cards from important events such as; birthdays, Christmases, our Wedding, sympathy, baby congratulations (easier to sort when newborn’s name is specified). A tangible family history, most treasured were … Continued

Little Changes, Big Satisfaction

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The vast majority of the populace is not destined to hike the Himalayas or trek the Amazon, for most, daily life consists of much of the mundane. Yet our lives weave a rich tapestry and great satisfaction is to be gained for … Continued

Blog Review 2010

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Looking back over the year it is interesting to note which blog posts were most popular with my readers.  By no means are these the ones I receive the most comments for, in fact some of the most popular posts … Continued

No More Pain!

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This past week I have been in constant pain, which has triggered reflections on just how debilitating a life long illness is. I was raised in a home where pain was a constant companion, pain dominated and affected every area … Continued

I’m 100% Roman Catholic!

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HT: To KAlexa at Life in the Little Nest; I thought it would be fun to see what my Theological Worldview was. [I did kind of know already;)] If you think you might give it a try I can guarantee … Continued

I’m Baaack…

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Three weeks ago Jem and I left for Tasmania. I fully intended on an update as soon as we were home; however due to the ‘death’ of our satellite dish the day we arrived home I have been unable to … Continued

Understanding Autism

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Many readers no doubt know somebody on the autistic spectrum, perhaps you have a friend whose child has autism, a relative, or maybe you are coming to grips within your own family trying to understand all it entails for your … Continued

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