*Carpenter’s College Graduation

#All photo credits to Jenna, Campion College Photographer of the day. December last year, our eldest son, *Carpenter graduated from College!!!  He now proudly holds a  Degree in Bachelor of Liberal Arts. The Graduation ceremony opened with the Celebration of Mass, presided by the Bishop Emeritus of Parramatta and con-celebrated with the College chaplain and several […]

9 Tips For A New Homeschooler From An Old Homeschooler

We’ve been parenting/homeschooling for over two decades now, doesn’t it sound like a long time, not sure if it feels long or not 😉 One of the gifts of having several children over a twenty year span is our hard won wisdom doesn’t ‘go to waste’, our younger children benefit from our earlier experience. We’d like to share […]

Parenting Roles As Children Mature

Many months ago Bron from Maxabella Loves commented “I would love to hear more on your thoughts about the changing role of parenting as children grow older”. We are so far from finishing this parenting journey, not that parenting will ever be finished, that I’ve been hesitant to answer, I certainly don’t want to sound as if ‘we […]

10 Reflections on 2014

The conclusion of a year always brings forth reflections on the closing year for me, I tend to think along the lines of ‘what do I take from the old to the new year’. Maxabella has posed several reflection questions which I thought worth pondering upon. 1. What word do you think best summed up 2014? […]

Regarding Fertility for ‘Those Who Ask’

Seven weeks ago we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Our little darling fills our hearts with incredible joy and awe, we daily wonder at how blessed we are.  She is so beautiful, content and loved. Oh how loved she is and we constantly give thanks for her. Every child has their own unique […]