A Week with Only Our Littles

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Last week was an unusual week due to an unprecedented event, the only children we had at home were our youngest two, who are 4 years & 21 months. Our middle four children were away visiting Grandma and cousins and … Continued

Parenting Roles As Children Mature

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Many months ago Bron from Maxabella Loves commented “I would love to hear more on your thoughts about the changing role of parenting as children grow older”. We are so far from finishing this parenting journey, not that parenting will ever be finished, … Continued

Before I Had A Seven Year Old

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Kate has asked mothers of older children to share what it was like ‘back in the day’, back when all their children were under seven. So heading down ‘memory lane,’ sharing a few recollections of those years. We are blessed … Continued

Interview With A Husband

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Introducing you to a very special guest here on my blog, my husband PC, my Prince Charming himself. PC is my biggest fan, not only does he read all of my posts and all of my comments, he complains pleads … Continued

Overcoming Social Awkwardness

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We’re firm believers in community involvement. Community involvement may look different for each family/individual, reflecting interests and beliefs.  It may include Church, homeschool groups, sport, drama, political groups, volunteer, work place etc.  Studies support that people are much happier when … Continued

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