Overcoming Social Awkwardness

We’re firm believers in community involvement. Community involvement may look different for each family/individual, reflecting interests and beliefs.  It may include Church, homeschool groups, sport, drama, political groups, volunteer, work place etc.  Studies support that people are much happier when they belong to and are involved in a community.  Not only have we seen the […]

Our Tapestry of Sorrow and Healing

Ten years ago we began our journey along the Via Dolorosa, not a road we would have willingly choosen,  the pain was intense and yet from the suffering our relationship with Our Lord changed and intensified, He does indeed carry you. Admidst our pain we were also blessed with incredibly precious moments. Ten years ago […]

Sharing Over……

Today I am sharing over at Carrots for Michalmas about rather a personal topic, one that needs to be talked about and yet due to the nature of the subject matter doesn’t often get a lot ‘of airing’. Haley has been courageous enough to open the discussion. So I’ve taken a big breath and nervously shared part of […]

Still Chatting Elsewhere

Recently I began a conversation over at And Then There Were Four about ‘teaching helping skills.’  The conversation  has continued and concludes “It is heartening indeed when your children take ownership in their jobs, not only completing it to satisfaction but having a real sense of pride in their ability.” I’d love to thank Multiple Mum for […]

Chatting Elsewhere Today

One of the amazing benefits of the blogging community is finding like minded spirits, one such blogger for me is And then there were four.  Multiple Mum is an Aussie blogger who ponders aloud, about life, community, her love for her children and general deep thoughts about everything, simply, I enjoy MM’s conversations and know if we […]

Turning Off the Screen

Joyfully we listen to the sound of children playing outside in the winter sun, inside the computer screens sit silent. Far too often lately the children have been indoors grouped around the computer screens, finally however we have declared ‘enough!’ For the first nine years of our marriage the only electronic screen in our home […]

Savouring the Moment

A chance comment a fortnight ago has prompted some ponderings.  ‘Tracey’,  a mum of six aged 3-19, and I were admiring my Bass and her youngest.  Tracey shared how she feels so much more relaxed and patient as a mother in her 30s than she did in her 20s.  I agreed, I knew exactly what […]