Turning Off the Screen

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Joyfully we listen to the sound of children playing outside in the winter sun, inside the computer screens sit silent. Far too often lately the children have been indoors grouped around the computer screens, finally however we have declared ‘enough!’ … Continued

Savouring the Moment

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A chance comment a fortnight ago has prompted some ponderings.  ‘Tracey’,  a mum of six aged 3-19, and I were admiring my Bass and her youngest.  Tracey shared how she feels so much more relaxed and patient as a mother … Continued

Is My Life Really Less Chaotic?

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I well remember when all the children were little, when I had four children under six.  It seemed then that there were days in which I lurched from one disaster to another. Scenes flit through my memories, the little crises; … Continued

Table Manners

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Table Manners is an ongoing process and something PC and I believe important. Growing up I remember my father being emphatic that boys should not turn up to the table bare chested and your chair must remain on four legs, … Continued

“Are You Having Anymore?”

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Warning: If you don’t want to listen to a rant read no further, and this is not really a G rated theme. I’m well used to the much of the world’s reactions against a large family, I grew up as … Continued

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