31 Day Photography Challenge: Linkup Week Two

We’re currently hosting a 31 Day Photography Challenge here on the blog and would love to have you join us ūüôā A great way to take your photography up a step, pick up your camera and practice, practice and practice.   To join us is simple, just share your post link below and we will […]

31 Days Photography Challenge: Linkup Week One

Last week I invited you to join us for 31 Days of¬†Photography, challenging and stretching ourselves to take our photography ‘up a notch’. Perhaps you’ve dived in and have been snapping away the last few days, or perhaps you have been frozen in indecision, wanting to join the fun but not quite sure how you […]

31 Day Photography Challenge: May 2016

  Improving our photography skills is something many of us long to do but for many it seems an impossible dream. I indeed¬†relate as¬†I was once a dreadful¬†photographer, think headless, dark and blurry, thanks to¬†the advent of the digital camera my family begun to retain their heads. More recently my skills continued to improve indeed […]

Siblings 2015: July

This past week life has been ‘bursting at the seams’ with our oldest two lads and Carpenter’s girlfriend home on holidays. We instantly went from a home of mostly younger and ‘middle children’ to a home dominated by teens and young adults. The freezing weather we, along with most Australians are currently experiencing, put an […]

Ocean Swimming In Winter

Last Thursday we headed to a local coastal village for an appointment, promising the children a beach walk afterwards. ¬†A walk on the beach wasn’t greeted with enthusiasm, swimming was what they really wanted. I stressed that one didn’t swim in the ocean in winter. ¬†When the afternoon was sunny I compromised on “you can […]

Enjoying the Winter Sunshine

The winter sunshine has been beckoning us this week, calling us to ‘ditch the books’ and enjoy the warmer moments. The children pumped up the blow up pool with intentions of swimming in it, when I vetoed that idea and the plan to raft on the dam, “it’s winter children!” they compromised with rafting on […]