Hand Raising Chickens

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  *This post is dedicated to Jenson, 2 years, of Brisbane who is keen to see more pictures of our chickens, his mum writes. A few months ago a friend gifted us with eleven organic chooks (grown chickens for American readers) and … Continued

Koala Passing Through

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Imagine our excitement to see this little fella outside our window, hopping across the paddock heading for a gum tree. We believed he was only passing through and didn’t expect to see him the following morning. We were excited when … Continued

Our Chook Population Explosion

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Nearly two weeks ago dear friends gifted us with ten hens and a rooster, bringing our chook population up to the grand total of twelve.   The children spend hours in the chook pen lavishing attention on them and have … Continued

Children Still Climb Trees…

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On Monday afternoon I sent the children outside to play. “Go outside and play, you’ve been inside too long” an hour later, as I was about to call them in to get ready for swimming lessons I heard screaming. They … Continued

Fence Comes Down

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The fence along our driveway and around our orchard has been rotted for sometime, Spotted Gum is not a good choice when white ants are present. Michelangelo(15) decided the time had come for the fence to go, and forthwith he … Continued

Treasure Hunting in the Bush

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A few weeks ago Michelangelo created an elaborate treasure hunt for the younger children, drove the paddock basher down to the bush and hid the clues in various places over the property. With 147 acres (59.5ha) this translates to a lot … Continued

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