Bushfire, Evacuation & Desolation

It’s nearly a fortnight now since The Fire began and we’ve only just regained our equilibrium. It began as an ordinary weekday and finished in a whole ‘nother way. Wednesday 15th – Feast of the Assumption Actually it wasn’t an ordinary day it was the Feast of the Assumption, so we began the day by […]

Creating A ‘Trampoline’ Garden

Most years PC and interested children plant a garden (I fall into the black thumb category).  Our garden however has never really thrived, unrelated to PC’s dedication and talent, but to it’s location, the garden was tucked away in an area of insufficient sunshine. It was long on PC’s list to relocate but as a […]

Exploring With “Small Boys”

“It is infinitely well worth of the mother’s while to take some pains every day to secure, in the first place, that her children spend hours daily amongst rural and natural objects; and, in the second place, to infuse into them, or rather to cherish in them, the love of investigation.”  Charlotte Mason, Volume 1, […]