Largest Flood in Recorded History

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Recently our region was threatened with a flood of massive proportions.  The city itself was spared at the ‘eleventh hour’, unlike Bundaberg, though many families in surrounding areas lost their homes:( It was frightening just how close the flood waters were to pouring over … Continued

Body Surfing in the Rain

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We had an immense downpour recently and water from the dam’s overflow was pouring out. Normally this area is a road that meanders along through our property, which makes it totally safe to body surf on when there is a … Continued

Raindrops Keep Falling

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A couple of weeks ago we were most excited to take delivery of two new tanks. 5000UK gallons (22500 litres) each!  When the rains come we will be guaranteed of more than an adequate water supply! The tanks were quickly unloaded … Continued

An Impulse Buy

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I’m not ordinarily an impulse buyer, I tend to over analyse just where the dollars go, particularly for a large sum item. So when we were picking up the Christmas dune buggy from the repair shop, and saw another and bigger,  second … Continued

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