Australian Native Wildlife On Our Property

A couple of nights ago Michelangelo spied an echidna in the bush.  He rushed back inside for the camera.   Thought it timely to showcase some other wildlife on our property, I’ve shared most of these shots before but bringing them all together.  1. Echidna 2. Kangaroos 3. Koala 4. Kookaburra 5. Micro Bat 6. […]

Largest Flood in Recorded History

Recently our region was threatened with a flood of massive proportions.  The city itself was spared at the ‘eleventh hour’, unlike Bundaberg, though many families in surrounding areas lost their homes:( It was frightening just how close the flood waters were to pouring over the levee wall. *All photos are credit of Princess (11) taken from a moving vehicle as we […]

A Pool For Christmas

This Christmas we rather ambitiously decided to buy a pool, due to budget constraints it was decided that a 2nd hand above ground find from ebay would be the more prudent option. ¬†After laying out and marking for size, we hired a dingo digger to take off the topsoil, however a malfunction with the digger […]

Koala Sighting!

Huge excitement at our house this afternoon, Princess discovered a Koala in a gum tree!!! only 25 metres (82 feet) from the house. Investigating extremely loud grunting noises, she was rewarded with the rare sighting of one of our Australian mammals. Koalas are ‘vulnerable‘ in NSW, I certainly haven’t sighted one since a child over […]