Body Surfing in the Rain

We had an immense downpour recently and water from the dam’s overflow was pouring out. Normally this area is a road that meanders along through our property, which makes it totally safe to body surf on when there is a deluge.  As soon as the rain lessened a little the body boards were gathered and […]

A Tree Goes to Town

Twenty-two months ago we had many trees on our property logged.  Ironbark poles were put aside for our use and we began the laborious process of milling it ourselves. We stacked the timber to air dry for six months, prior to being taken to the mill to be finished (dressed). Twenty-two months later we returned to the […]

Raindrops Keep Falling

A couple of weeks ago we were most excited to take delivery of two new tanks. 5000UK gallons (22500 litres) each!  When the rains come we will be guaranteed of more than an adequate water supply! The tanks were quickly unloaded with the help of our three big boys. The last couple of weeks have seen […]

An Impulse Buy

I’m not ordinarily an impulse buyer, I tend to over analyse just where the dollars go, particularly for a large sum item. So when we were picking up the Christmas dune buggy from the repair shop, and saw another and bigger,  second hand buggy. I totally shocked PC by saying, “Yep, we’ll take that.” Just like that. We are […]

Gardening in the Winter Sun

Working in the winter sun, preparing for the coming Spring Spreading wood chips between the garden beds, the weeds will not win this year Such a lovely sunny day,  gardening is a pleasure Lots of work needed still to prepare these fallow beds for new life.

House Paddock Through the Lens

Looking up the driveway. Flowers along the fenceline Arrangement at the top of the drive. Looking down towards the front dam. ‘Spot’, our neighbour’s horse. Rainbow Lorikeets enjoying the fireweed. Wild ducks on the front lawn. Mother and Joey Two ‘roos grazing. Love the mountains. Enjoying our new camera:) (Photo credits shared with Michelangelo and […]

Boys and Their Toys

Our last big storm bought down a  gum tree in the stockyards. PC’s new chainsaw was most useful. The ‘team’ was out in force to help. A surprising amount of timber to remove but many hands make light work. Working together the job was done.

Ride On Mower Not in the Budget?

We would dearly love to purchase a ride on mower for the boys, but for now it is a dream.  Currently our boys are mowing approximately 5 acres with a push mower, taking them around 9 hours to accomplish.  In the current heat this is a huge task.  PC and I were brainstorming ways to […]