The Gorge

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Last week PC had a week’s holiday. He decided that he would like to simply spend the week at home, good news is he did go back to work this week feeling rested. One day whilst he was home we … Continued

Of Flood and ..

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Dorothy Mackellar author of ‘My Country’ had it correct when she wrote: “Core of my heart, my country!Land of the Rainbow Gold,For flood and fire and famine,She pays us back threefold -“ We have had the drought (still do) and … Continued

Farm Girl

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With the approaching advent of spring we have been working on clearing up paddocks. One of the tasks has been the elimination of the dreaded fireweed. As we drove into the outskirts of town today, Princess gasped with horror, pointed … Continued

Bring Back Memories?

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One of the wonderful things about having children is having a legitimate reason to once again play with the toys of your childhood. On the weekend Prince Charming, Carpenter and Michealangelo tackled another project on the ‘to do’ list. Building … Continued

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