In less than a fortnight our eldest leaves home! Anna Maria is excited and eagerly looking forward to beginning the next stage in her life’s journey.

Eight months ago Anna Maria began a course at our local TAFE, Administration/Bookkeeping, Certificate 3.  She quickly found her rhythm and enjoyed the experience of formal classes and independence.  We watched her blossom and bloom with pride.  Just before Christmas she sat for her final exams and passed with flying colours, receiving 100% for Bookeeping!

Throughout this period Anna Maria had been discerning what direction to take next.  In October she applied to attend a Catholic Liberal Arts College.  All applicants to the College have to write an application essay and are subsequently interviewed.  Anna Maria was accepted to attend the College on the proviso that she undertake and do well on the STAT test.  Students who enter via traditional schooling undertake the HSC, home educated students can use their STAT results, both result in ATAR scores.  Anna Maria sat the STAT exam in November and did extremely well (ATAR 84).

At this stage Anna Maria is contemplating a career in librarianship and to that end has been working since November as a volunteer at our local branch library, two days each week  She absolutely loves her work there.  However publishing is also an option she is considering.

In December our local homeschool group held their first Presentation night.  At this event our Anna Maria ‘officially graduated’.  Her Dad gave a lovely speech, it was truly a beautiful moment.

As Anna Maria spreads her wings and goes forth, we see our life is changing, shifting.  Although we continue to always be here, offering our loving support; being a sounding board, a guiding hand, our roles are evolving to new ones. We send Anna Maria forth with confidence that she has chosen the right path for her, going where she is meant to be.  Eagerly anticipating watching her blossom and bloom further.
We love you darling, it is a privilege to be your parents.

14 Comments on She Goes Forth – The Times, They are A Changin’

  1. Exciting times Erin. You must be very proud! What a fine job you did with her education. I think being a librarian would be a fantastic job. Just stopping by to say hello as I haven't seen you around for awhile x

  2. Dear Erin,
    Oh she looks beautiful! How I sooo understand how you feel, excited for them as well as sad for the change within our family.
    Good luck to you Anna Maria – I know you will do well and I am sure Miss Autumn will be looking forward to joining you next year
    Love Gae

  3. Congratulations! Erin, you must be a very proud mother. Such a momentous moment when the oldest child 'graduates' and leaves home. I hope you don't miss your daughter too much. btw, Anna Maria looks so much like you. Would you agree?

    God bless!

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