Sheeting the Games Room

Our games room is sure to be the most popular room in the house. A room designed to house the pool table, playstation/wii with screen, board games and a games/card table.  The ideal hang out and a perfect excuse to invite friends over.

Finalising the gyprock sheeting in this area brings us a step closer to being able to use this room. Currently it still holds the piles of timber, so we can’t quite move in.

The timber piles were a little challenge, however we managed to work around them.

For so long this has been a ‘catch all’ for building equipment, it is a welcome change to see clean walls:)

Looking around the room: Standing at the doorway looking toward the window.

Standing to the left of the doorway looking outwards. The large double doors open onto the deck🙂

Standing to the left of the window looking back towards the entrance.

Standing to the right of the window looking into the room.
A huge room! We’re now gyprocking our walk in robe and then we’re done!

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  1. wow it looks so different. I can't even imagine where it is. I think I know, it looks so big. Awesome room. xx

  2. Oh I really want to come up and visit and see it all Erin even more now. The room is so big and will be wonderful I am sure.

  3. *They* can like the games room best. That leaves the library for you and me. Mmmmmmmm

  4. Looks wonderful! So wonderful you have nearly finished the gyprocking!

  5. Leanne
    The first room off the dining room as you walk in the front door.

    We have a pool cue waiting for you:)

    and a lounge chair in the library for you (and me:))

    So nice to see you here:)

    Only our walk in robe and the linen press and we are done!

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