This past week life has been ‘bursting at the seams’ with our oldest two lads and Carpenter’s girlfriend home on holidays. We instantly went from a home of mostly younger and ‘middle children’ to a home dominated by teens and young adults.
The freezing weather we, along with most Australians are currently experiencing, put an end to  outdoor plans, though the brave and hardy tried their hand at kite flying


with the homemade variety as well as the ready made.


Plenty of games of pool abound, with Miss Jelly Bean (11) generally emerging as the victor. All are keen to relieve her of her Championship status and put in hours of practice


The new drum kit has also been a regular source of entertainment with children either rapping out a beat or recording for posterity emerging drummers


We craved the comfort of the sun, braving freezing winds in our quest, however the winds quickly cancelled out any warming rays we managed to source
Big sisters are the best, providing loving care. Keeping shoes on reluctant shoe wearers has been a challenge
Drawing continues to be a passion for this lad, he is endeavouring to pass his love onto his little sister



 So happy to have her big brother home, being the one left behind has its challenges


The love of siblings, there’s no other relationship like it.

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    • Karen
      Yes, I've recently been looking at photography as 'telling a story' and realised I've taken alot of individuals but not so many siblings, trying to rectify that

  1. What lovely photographs of your beautiful children, Erin! I always enjoy stopping by your blog, and seeing what you have been up to even if I don't always comment.

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