The Australian Homeschool Summit is Back and I’m Talking Again!!

The Australian Homeschool Summit (Online) is back…and once again I’m going to be one of the workshop presenters 🙂

This time I’m going to be sharing about Centering Your Education Around Australian Living Books,

I’m thrilled to be talking about a topic that is near and dear to my heart, I admit to being rather passionate about Australian Living Books, the type of passion in which I can cause others’ eyes to glaze over, however amongst my fellow home educators I’m with my people and I’m sure you’re just as keen about Aussie Book love, if not you will be by the time I’ve finished 😉

I’ll be chatting about some of my favourite Australian books both picture and chapter books. Australian literature both books and authors, Australian historical novels and spines admittedly my passion, Australian geographical books and ways in which you can incorporate all these into creating a rich Education for your children.  We’ll be talking about in print books and those precious out of print books and where you might source them and lots more.

It turns out that I love the medium of talking on Summits, which I’m certain is no surprise really to those who know and love me. So with my love of talking and my passion for Australian books we’re all set for a great time, I’m rather giddy with anticipation!!


The Australian Homeschooling Summit 2019 is a great kick off to the start of our academic year here in Australia, we can attend our own online conference, hear 30 inspiring talks about a huge variety of topics, many particular to Australia, receive practical how-to home education information and start the year feeling confident and empowered 🙂 

The Summit runs from February 5th to the 14th and currently you have the opportunity to win one of the free tickets.

Go sign up now before you get sidetracked with life, look forward to seeing you there, can’t wait 🙂


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