A little more than a fortnight ago we were blessed to once again celebrate our annual mega birthday week (as opposed to our mini birthday week).
First celebration was for our gorgeous Jelly Bean.  We can hardly believe that our youngest daughter is 8!! rather bittersweet.  Catch that smile, our Jelly Bean is a bit of a charmer.

Five days later we celebrated Jack Jack’s 6th Birthday.  For Jack Jack our very loving, gentle boy turning 6 has bought big steps in his maturity overnight.  We are rather eager so see how this year unfolds for him.

The conclusion of our mega week was the triumph of Michelangelo’s 13th!  We can hardly believe he is 13 already, we now have 4 teenagers, can you imagine!  Michelangelo remains witty and enthusiatic as usual, but we are seeing glimmers of a new maturity.

A wonderful Birthday for our ‘Triplets’!

5 Comments on Three Birthdays in Seven Days!

  1. Happy birthday to all of these guys! We have a mega birthday week too. We do three in six days here in March — my husband's and middle son are a day apart and then mine is a mere five days later.

  2. Pam, It's fun to make it a week long celebration. I used to think it would be a burden but by declaring it a week celebration it is far more fun. btw we also have two mini b'day weeks, (2 b'days each week)

  3. Happy birthday times 3! We have just done a mega-birthday week here (Mum turned 73, I turned 43 and VB turned 13 – each 30 years apart in the space of a week).

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