Verandah With A View

We’ve just completed a major building project, the addition of a verandah running the length of the house. Let’s travel back to see where we started.

In August 2012 we began laying out the bearers and joists. We ‘divided’ the verandah in half, and nailed and bolted down the foundations.  Then began laying the boards.

Carpenter had not yet left for College and was still living at home, he was a major contributor to this section. We began this project after completing the deck and the end verandah.

It took up the majority of that August, it was a long, hot job.

We completed half the verandah, oiled the boards and then left this project, focusing on several other building projects in the intervening 13 months.

September 2013 we turned our attention to the verandah again and began by covering the completed half.

The house has been cooled down incredibly since the iron has gone on. (alas no progress shots)

This month we ‘picked up the pace’ rapidly.  Laying the bearers and joists for the second half

then with ‘The Team’ on the job the boards were rapidly screwed into place (more photos here)

So impressed with how much faster it went with five children helping PC! We completed the task in just one weekend!!

The posts and rafters were next up, PC took a few days off work so we could complete the verandah.
Einstein has worked by his side the entire time and Michelangelo has been there too!!

Sarking, battens and then the iron were next on the list.

Many a day will be wiled away sitting on the verandah watching the children in the pool and enjoying the bushland.

The gap in the foreground is ‘section 3’ a short area that will join the front and end verandahs together, to be completed at a later date.

Such pleasure to look at the verandah running the length of the five rooms, imagining all the living we will be enjoying in this space.

The verandah now runs from the deck on one end around to the end verandah on the other (shortly), 2.7metres(8ft10in) wide all the way around.

Thank you PC and Team, you are legends!!

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  1. Yes! That looks too fab, Bren. I adore a verandah and could never live in a place without on. It's just the best place to be. x

  2. I'm sorry I called you Bren, Erin. My mind is going a bit mental. x

  3. So much cooler for summer and it will be easier to leave windows open in showery weather too.

  4. I want that verandah Erin !! Am super envious of where you live. I grew up in very rural NZ, but now my kids live in town and it hurts my heart sometimes. Emily via Bron's MR

  5. Oh, how wonderful – and in time for summer! I loves me a verandah, and I've still never had one. I would love one all the way around my house 🙂 Great job, looks like a lot of hard work.

  6. That's going to be absolutely beautiful to sit on and enjoy the view!

  7. My dream is to have a verandah one day. Such a beautiful view. Glad the little people were so helpful!

  8. What an amazing space! You are going to have some good times out there.

  9. Looking really really great!

  10. Big job but so worthwhile! We spend most of our time on ours in Queensland, perfect place to sit back and enjoy the view.

  11. Welcome to so many new readers! and 'old' ones too:) Thanks for all your enthusiasm:) Yes we are very blessed to have this space and will use it constantly, thinking outdoor furniture now to lay back and relax on. Already has cooled down the house.
    Emily, aw{{}} I too grew up ruraly and it broke my heart for years raising my older children in town, was 13 years before we made it out here, hoping one day for you too you can make your dream come true.

  12. Just catching up with your news, verandah looks fabulous!

  13. Thanks Deanne:) You'll have to come over and kick back on it:)

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