A Week of Friendship and Fun

Once again we were blessed to enjoy a week of fun and friendship after camp with the M family.   The first night we (19 of us) headed in to watch Carpenter’s soccer Grand Final. The first time the M’s had watched a soccer game, so a rough grand final was rather a culture shock.  With the M’s, and two local families; the Rs and Ls, 36 people turned up to support Carpenter, we filled a bleacher!  Carpenter began the game on the bench, so when he ran onto the field a roar went up from the stand, “Carpenter!”  which was heard from the other side of the field.  Carpenter sweetly turned, waved, grinned at his fan club and continued running onto the field.  Precious memory.

We awoke that night to discover vomiting children, I succumbed the next morning.  It appeared we had bought home a bug from camp:(  Eventually half our household (of 19) came down sick.  Picture sick people lying moaning, on couches and beds throughout the house.  We do know how to entertain our guests;)

As health improved we did become better hosts.  The dune buggy was a huge hit.

Linda and Bill enjoyed themselves immensely too:)

Waiting time was long but everyone was happy, as long as they were together there was lots of fun and laughter.

Movie night was popular

Tea time was simply rocking; some nights the R family joined us and then we were cooking for 27.  One night the teens broke into an impromptu sing along.  Lots of great memories.

Our flautists made time for a ‘concert’ like last year.

Once again a week of fun and friendship. Countdown begins to next year when the M’s will come North again.

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  1. What a great sounding camp (I just read all the back posts. 🙂 )
    I wondered where the M family had gone .. I was waiting to peruse their site, lol!

    Hope you're all feeling much better. That tummy bug is what's been doing the rounds here.

  2. Looks like lots of fun. We are really hoping to come to the camp next year too and to come and stay with you as well

  3. Cat
    It has been a blessing, and such a big part of our children;s lives. Actually their site went down and they fixed it when here.
    Yes I thought it might have when I read your post. (yeah and you got a comment from my husband, how lucky were you!)

    Really! How wonderful! We really will have to have the bathroom in by then in that case:):) btw How many are you hsing now? How are the others settling in?

  4. Well Therese, if you are coming up here I am holding you to that cup of tea on my veranda!

  5. LOL – I just blogged about our week as well! It is very difficult to settle into 'normal' life after our time away! Looking forward to next time….

  6. Looks like a great time (except for the sickness, that's not so good).
    It's so lovely when families combine and become like a massive extended family. Such a lovely nurturing and fun environment for your kids.

  7. Erin,

    We are only home schooling Christopher now. If we come next year it will be because Steve has taken his long service leave.


    I am so looking forward to having a cup of tea on your verandah when we get there.

  8. Looks like you all had a wonderful week together. Your sharing has encouraged me to appreciate the families in my world a lot more.


  9. What a blessing to be able to do this each year with your friends!
    I'm sorry all were ill for a time…a bit of food poisoning perhaps?
    At any rate, it looks like you recovered enough to enjoy the rest of your stay:)

  10. We are very blessed. Looking forward to meeting (and hosting) you:)

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