Your Favourite Posts and Mine of 2014

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As the year draws to a close it’s interesting to look back and note what posts resonated with you my readers, sometimes your favourites are mine, sometimes not.  It’s often a surprise to me which posts are the most popular, sometimes it’s the ones I labour long and hard over, often it’s the posts I dash off quickly, there’s just no way of knowing which posts will appeal to you.
All I know is I must keep writing and I want to thank you, my readers for keeping on reading and commenting, I love that, I love the community we have built.

Top hits for 2014 are the new pages installed along the top, Introducing Us our short bio:), my list of Blog Favs passing along the blog love:) and Book Lists a round up of all the book reviews shared here they are also easy to find over at Aussie Book Threads.

Top post for the year was Frugal Living: The Guaranteed Expenses part of my frugal living series, which I find fascinating as the post only received one comment, from my loyal bestie, so there you go, comments aren’t always indicative of popularity.



  • Your Favourite – Regarding Fertility For ‘Those Who Ask’ in which I posed the question ‘why does society think it’s appropriate to ask about the private, intimate details of a complete stranger’s life?’ and you so generously and kindly responded
  • My Favourite – Actually my favourite was also the Fertility post, however What Makes a Blog Captivating? came in a close second.  Chatting about blogging trends struck a chord and we all enjoyed a wonderful conversation.




  • Your Favourite – Library Opening Day Finally Arrives, our town’s brand spanking new, incredible library continues to give us pleasure every week when we visit:)
  • My Favourite – Easter Triduum, reminds me of many happy memories, I often share the planning and not often the celebration, pleased I did record these special moments.


  • Your Favourite – Old Fashioned Nightgowns for Our Girls, in the three years since I first posted, this continues to be a top favourite
  • My Favourite – My Daybook for May, reminds me of a very couple of special weeks I spent in the City with our two College children, just the baby, my two oldest and me.









  • Your Favourite – Merry Christmas 2014, I’m assuming you loved the pics, ’cause I know I do:)
  • My Favourite – Ensuite Awaitin’, the culmination of much hard work and patient waiting. Our bathrooms are now in use, pics to come in the New Year!! So excited!!
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3 Responses

  1. A great way to wrap as great way to wrap up a good year, Erin. Next year will be even better for you all. Happy new year to you all. x

  2. I was so happy and grateful that you wrote this list – I wanted to do a year-end recap, but didn't know what kind of format I wanted until I saw yours! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂 I recall a lot of these posts, but there are some I can't wait to go back and read for the first time – particularly the frugal living and Regarding Fertility. I ALWAYS appreciate your book lists, and got a lot of great idea from you this year, most notably the Mercy Watson books 🙂 and the books with large families. Thanks, as always, for sharing your wisdom, joy, and experience!!

  3. Bron
    Happy New Year to you too{}

    Glad to inspire:) and thanks for the feedback re posts, really helps re direction for the new year. And thanks for the kind words xxx

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