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Hi, I'm Erin

Writer, speaker, book curator and homeschooling mum to ten plus two, aged twenty nine to eight years. I am passionate about empowering families to be confident in nurturing a love of literature within their homes and am keen to equip you with confidence and knowledge. Sharing since 2006.

"Erin has so much invaluable knowledge and experience that she has gathered over her many years as a homeschooling Mum. Her helpful heart and intelligent mind coupled with her understanding and experience in the field of literature make her one of the most resourceful leaders in the Australian homeschooling community. She is approachable and kind and able to put together incredible book lists which will save time and money for many homeschooling parents. I highly recommend working with Erin."
"Wattle Gum Education and Erin's extensive knowledge of books is such a treasure trove of gems and practical suggestions. My children have been introduced to so many adventures and the love of literature through the amazing book lists and now absolutely LOVE reading! Thank you so much for all your support and advice in helping us transition into a thriving home schooling lifestyle. Your care and understanding has been so much appreciated and the practical tips have been invaluable. Thank you, Erin!"
"Each year I look forward to hearing from Erin at the Australian Homeschooling Summit . She offers a wealth of knowledge and has really showed me the value of creating a family of readers. "She’s also played a massive part in igniting my passion for living books as well! Whenever I need help finding the appropriate book or general homeschool advice and tips, I come to Erin’s blog. From organisation to art options, nature, Australian living books and more, I can find whatever I need right here!"
Larteasha Griffen
Homeschool Mum of Four
Nurturing your family with an Australian Literature Based Education.
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