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2013 Year in Books: Highlights

Reflections posts on ‘Books Read in 2013’ are beginning to appear in my feedly,  some of my favourite type of chats.  Goodreads record I have read 200 books this year so I’m joining the chatter.  As 200 is a fair amount I’ve chosen a few highlights from each month to share, focusing on adult literature.

Kate Shackleton’s mysteries, were a new find, which I thoroughly enjoyed
The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh was completely thought provoking.

Discovered Anna Jacobs and began her Swan River Saga with The Trader’s Wife. I’m always a fan of well written Australian historical novels.

Continued reading Anna Jacob’s historical novels.
Discovered Daisy Dalrymple’s mysteries

Read The Secret Keeper – Kate Morton as with all of Kate Morton’s books totally engrossing, though this wasn’t my favourite Morton book.
Also read Nineteen Minutes – Jodi Picoult, I admit the plot lost me, I couldn’t work out the ‘verdict’. Picoult writes well, tackles some tough topics but I just can’t say if I’m a fan or not.

Discovered Rhys Bowen’s Her Royal Spyness Mysteries
Re-read an old favourite for the upteenth time, The Family Nobody Wanted – Helen Doss

Read The Seventh Trumpet, a Sister Fidelma Mystery.  Not recommending these books as regards Church history they are inaccurate, but if I read them as a well told story they are most enjoyable.

The Peach Keeper- Sarah Addison Allen, a thought provoking sisterhood book.

Call the Midwife – Jennifer Worth was very raw, depressing in parts, uplifting in others.
Read an Australian historical Absolution Creek by Nicole Alexander.  Well written, though I had trouble getting into it, could have been me.
Continued reading lots of Daisy Dalrymple mysteries.

Butterfly’s Child – Angela Davis-Gardner totally hooked me, tragically sad and yet engrossing.

Long Spoon Lane – Anne Perry a previously un-read mystery.  Anne Perry is my absolute favourite mystery writer so I’m always thrilled to find a new book of hers.

Enjoyed a couple of Mary Stewart’s novels, The Moonspinners and The Rose Cottage.  I’m a long time fan of Mary Stewart.
Also read and re-read a whole slew of Anne Perry mysteries, I’d bought a bundle at the op-shop.

Finished the year with some brilliant reads, some worthy of their own reviews.
Discovered Australian author Joy Dettman, read her Woody Creek series, completely engrossing to begin with but after a while becomes a saga, how many tragedies can one person sustain?
The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards, completely thought provoking.
The Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini set in modern Afghanistan, a novel of betrayal and redemption.
The Dry Grass of August – Anna Jean Mayhew Life in the deep South in the midst of segregation.
Finding Grace – Laura Pearl The main character has been inspired to become a saint, set in the early 70s.
Style, Sex & Substance, a bit of disappointment, lighter read than I had hoped.
Two novels from my favourite spiritual author Louis de Wohl, Citadel of God and Lay Siege to Heaven, de Wohl more than delivered, totally powerful books.

  • How was your year regards reading? 
  • Any books you’d recommend as must reads for 2014?
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  • Cassie Williams

    Saving this one to come back to when I need some book ideas! Only one that I read that is on your list was Call the Midwife. I loved it, but didn't finish it, yet. I really liked the writing . . . . sometimes I had the urge to shower after reading it because I felt I was there with her in the book in the mess! The prostitution part really troubled me and I had to skip forward. I'm hoping to check it out from the library again and finish.
    I have no idea how you read so many books! Amazing! I struggle with sitting down and reading for long periods so it takes me a while. I really need to work on that. : )

  • Erin

    The P.. part was rather too detailed for me too!! Which was a bit why I skimmed her other books (didn't include them here)

    Oh and I should have explained to you all I'm a speed reader, hence how I make it through so many books. 2014 though I want to focus more on quality not quantity.

    Christy, Secret Keeper wasn't my favourite because The Forgotten Garden was.

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