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7 Quick Takes Friday

For so long I have wanted to participate in Jen’s 7Quick Take Fridays as I have really enjoyed reading others. Finally I’m joining in the fun:)

Our dear friends Gae and Stephen have been blessed with a precious baby girl today!! Arwen Finbarra Perpetua. Their 11th child, their first since they have joined the Catholic Church. PC and I are particularly excited as we have been honoured as godparents. PC’s 2nd godchild.


My baby sister Tamsin turned 17 today. Time has sped just too fast. We love you so much my darling.

PC and I did our monthly shop today. I love shopping monthly, well I love only going once a month, not the shopping part. When we arrived home my dear friend Margaret was waiting for a visit and she helped me load all my groceries into my pantry and freezer. She insisted that she was fascinated, she wanted to see how it was all organised. Well she got to see first hand, what a friend:)

So often I can get caught up in the busyness of life I forget to savour the purpose. This week I took time out to just ‘live in the moment’. Koala and I had a mother/daughter morning out, I took the children down to the river and they swam and laid on the bank and chatted, we played T-ball and card games. We made memories.

This week I have had lots of lovely relaxed visits with a few friends. I have been real, I have not stressed about cleaning, I’m in holiday mode, and my friends still love me. I think…you do don’t you? Friendships are priceless and to be treasured.

PC is recovering from Salmonella poisoning, he has lost over 4kg which on his slender frame is very noticeable. Jem has broncholitis, the doctor said it should go in 10 days but it still lingers.

We start lessons back next week. Princess has been begging me for awhile now to resume. I have devoted lots of prayer and soul searching to the direction we are to go this year. I promise a blog post on my thoughts if anyone is interested. For now I’ll share, plans are all in place, books purchased and children are promising to deliver great things this year.

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