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7 Quick Takes Friday (41)

I have spent a lot of time up in the shipping container this week. Sorting, culling and re-bagging shoes and clothes. I am so very grateful for this storage option.

Our library continues to be a raging success. Often there are children cozied up in the bean bags reading:) I still have more sorting and tidying to do, but I can now poke along in my own time. Our picture book bins continue to be our favourite.

We have been re-affirmed in our study decision this week. It is indeed far easier to monitor screen use when all are contained together and the door can be shut. the children have hung a sign on the door labeled “Paradise, Land of the Happy.” I have hung a sign stating “Opening Hours….”

Term 2 begins next week. It is so freeing to know I don’t have to create any plans. Although I do need to update spreadsheets for my teenagers’ assigned work. I’d also like to reserve some picture books from the library for history lessons.

Soccer season has begun. Einstein played his first game today. Koala begins her first season as soccer coach. She is coaching Jelly Bean’s team and I’m certain she will be a wonderful coach. Our other children have elected other sports this season. Michelangelo and Princess will return to gymnastics and Carpenter will continue with swim squad.

I’ve joined in teaching Koala to drive. Not really a task I had considered doing, but she is a quick learner. More importantly she thinks and keeps her calm. I’ve estimated we can easily mark up 2 hours per week driving in and out to sporting activities this term.

I went to a couple of garage sales today. (Yes I’m writing a day late) We scored 12 solid timber chairs and a very beautiful timber table for $140!! Not even factoring in the table this works out to be just over $11 per chair!! I also bought a small corner ply bookcase. I actually went looking for shelving (2.5 metres)for bookcases in the study.

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