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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 115)

Anzac Day is next Wednesday, I’ve gathered a few resources; Jeanne has a fantastic collection of picture books, we’re also re-reading some of our favourite picture and chapter books.  April has written an Anzac Day Unit, and if your wanting a longer study I did write an Australian unit on World War 1 awhile back.

I’m not certain how other blog writers plan their posts, but I have a couple of different techniques.  One method is; I keep an ongoing list of post ideas, many of these are ideas just begging to be written, whilst many  ideas are published, many are also scrapped.  The reality is writing can be hard work at times, which makes it all the sweeter when the writing just flows.  Currently I’ve begun a series of posts on our nature journey and I’m thrilled to be experiencing that rare euphoria, when the story takes on a life of its own:)
I’d love to hear how other bloggers keep the posts ‘a comin’?


Whilst our girls were away, we took the opportunity this week to focus on our ‘little boys’.  Tuesday we meet up with friends at our local jungle gym.  Years ago Deanne and I enjoyed many ‘little people’ mornings, but as the children grew older and the tally larger (we have 15 children between us) our focus changed.  Enjoying a morning together with just our three youngest and Deanne’s two youngest (5&7) was rather surreal, a trek down memory lane, lovely though and we’re planning to take our little ones again.

Carpenter is having a lovely time in South Australia.  Linda is kindly keeping us updated🙂  He appears to be having a wonderful time engaging in ice-cream eating contests, climbing cliff faces and geocaching the M’s corner of South Australia.

Soccer season has begun already, this will be our twelfth season.   This season we have only three playing, but with two also refereeing, we’re in for a busy time.  To make matters more complicated none of our players share a training day:(   Jack Jack plays his first game tomorrow, he is rather uncertain about the whole matter so should be an interesting morning;)

Looking for mystery titles?  I’ve just discovered Cora Harrison and am devouring her Burren mysteries.  They are set in 16th Century Ireland, a period and country that always captures my interest.  Mara, the Brehon is a character I greatly admire, caring and intelligent.

Term 2 begins Monday and I really need to give our plans some defining thought. Our  four oldest prefer mostly to work independently, although Michelangelo (12) and Princess(10) still like to do some subjects with me.  We’ve been doing SOTW for history for some time, and whilst it has been enjoyable, I feel it is time to move on.  The lack of spontaneity is stifling my creativity, and then there is science….. geography however has planned itself:)

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  • Jeanne

    Too much to comment on in these posts! I've just been enjoying a browse through your Anzac posts, and a read of Linda's account of her visitor. Interested to know why you thing SOTW is enough already…as they say?

  • Erin

    It was a lovely morning.

    My problems with SOTW are more how WE use it I think. By the time we read a chapter the children aren't really interested in delving in depth further. Yet really each chapter isn't 'enough' it is just an overview. Prior to SOTW we would read a pile of books on a topic area and receive more depth, the chapter approach has stifled us. I feel anyhow, my boys are happy enough because then they can tick the box, done! Needless to say I'm not happy to allow this attitude. However SOTW4 was excellent and I'd use it again very happily, I guess I don't have as many books for this period. Just not happy to use SOTW again for the earlier times, I have plenty of books for those periods.

  • Erin

    children still talking about it.

    Mmm worthy of a blog post? or perhaps I should just email you? Will answer your question soon.

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