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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 132)

Yesterday the children and I cleaned PC’s shed.”What!!” I hear my male readers exclaim, you dared to clean a man’s shed!?  Please be reassured this was with PC’s permission, one granted with conditions, we were not to touch his tool corner but to tackle the mess dumped in the first half of his shed.  The first half was mostly the children’s paraphernalia including sporting and camping gear, which has been carted off to the shipping container.
As in all cleaning projects one mess leads to another.  We are currently undertaking a deep cull in the shipping container, we don’t really need so much, it is rather a freeing sensation to ‘throw’:)  Ask my children I love culling, this time though I’m digging down deep to the next level of ‘letting go’. I’ll be at this project for days.

Whilst in the shed Carpenter discovered a snake’s skin, after exclaiming upon the immense size of the skin we nervously were on the ‘lookout’ for a massive snake.  This was the moment for Jelly Bean to share that whilst climbing in the ceiling of the house last week she discovered an even longer snake skin!!!  It appears the snake (a carpet snake/diamond python) has migrated from the shed to the house, competing with our bats as most undesirable residents. On the flip side though the presence of the non-poisonous carpet snake means no rats or poisonous snakes, there is always a silver lining I suppose.

Regards the animal kingdom horse dramas have continued. Yesterday we discovered the stallion had managed to get himself half over our boundary fence and stood there trapped, half in half out.  Our kind neighbour helped us extricate him by cutting the fence wires.  The scariest thought is our neighbouring property runs through to the highway and has no fence!  Unsurprisingly the horse is moving on.

Did you note my new background and banner header?  Well that header has caused a few ‘tongue in cheek’ ribbings amongst our children, cause that’s what they do best.  “Why has Einstein been the chosen one?  ‘Cause he is ‘the favourite’! 😉  Well it should go in age order and he is out of order!  perhaps we wanted to show him working, a rare moment! etc etc” They do carry on with one another, all in good natured fun.  So don’t be surprised that now I have discovered how to create collages you’ll see a new ‘favoured one’ every few weeks.

Talking photography I haven’t invested any deliberate time into the art lately, of course I’ve been taking photos and applying all I’ve learnt but I’d really like to spend some time reading some more tips and consciously applying the knowledge, perhaps I need to join some photo challenges again.

My other new hobby, vegetable gardening was to also benefit my family. We purchased the seeds, the potting mulch and planted the seeds. Carpenter and the girls faithfully watered their pots including mine, it was then time to transplant, they replanted their seedlings and reminded me I need to transplant mine, ahem…  I did eventually remember to do so just in time to save them from extinction.  Thanks to Carpenter’s faithful watering they are alive but alas they are not thriving.  I look at Carpenter’s garden, look at the girls and see a mass of green growth, perhaps it is really time after all these years to admit that farming genes skipped me and were inherited by my children instead.  I still maintain though that I have the potential to be a successful gardener I just need to remember to transplant and water it shouldn’t really be too hard….

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  • Sue Elvis


    I love the new header!

    We need to do some cleaning out too. It's amazing how quickly stuff gathers.

    We used to have a copperhead snake living under our garage. We coped with that but if he'd wanted to come inside and join us… You certainly have lots of wildlife at your place!

  • TracyE

    That would freak me out about the snake…poisonous or no….ick, ick, ick…good that you see the silver lining..not me!!

    I used your Pinterest Bicarb soda trick with the hard boiled eggs and FANTASTIC!!!

    Happy week!!

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