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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 152)

We’re off to an ordination tonight!!  I haven’t been blessed to attend many, but I know that I’ll be bound to cry.  There is something inherently beautiful watching a young man receive Holy Orders, dedicating his whole life to the service of God and His people.

I have a ‘new’ sewing machine (happy, happy dance!!).  Thanks to my brother’s girlfriend telling me about this opportunity, I put in a bid on an ex-school machine and won a Bernina 1008 for only…$85!!!  These machines normally sell for $1,600 brand new and half that for second hand, I got an absolute steal!!!

With a new machine I’m trying to decide, “what to sew first?”.  I could make aprons, sew girlie dresses, upcycle op-shop (thrift) finds.  Oh what to do!?

It is so annoying to finish a book and realise the author has left a ‘loose thread’.  Why introduce a sub-plot and leave it ‘hanging’ without bringing it to a successful conclusion.  This happens quite alot, errors that should be picked up in the editing process.

We’re on the countdown now, only three weeks till our two College children are home for semester break!!  Yahoo!!!

This is a long weekend and I’m planning house projects.  PC has plastering to finish, then we will paint!!  As the rooms are not ready yet for me to paint, I’m thinking of a major de-clutter.  Oh I just know our children will be thrilled;)

I already have a head start on this, today the girls and I culled out a massive amount of clothes from their rooms.  We now have garbage bags set aside to go to two lucky young girls.  So often we are blessed to be gifted with clothes and I love it when it is our turn to be able to gift others in return.

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