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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 153)

Today I watched a vimeo shared by Chari about, If Students Designed Their Own School, I had to watch when I read,

Love this video…..”unschooling” in a public school setting. Clever of the principal to allow this opportunity for these students.  I believe these students will now be forever life-long learners.  What a gift that she has given to the students who go through this program……..hope it catches on! 

The method of “question of the week” and their own “personal endeavor” for the term is obviously inspiring to these kids.  No tests or assignments.  Good idea.

So I’m thinking of maybe trialing a question (or three) a week, and seeing if I can kindle some enthusiasm for learning around here.  I’m happy with how our basics are progressing, we’re humming along well there but I’d love to fan a spark or two for other areas.  Talking to the children about this idea I realised that my middle and younger don’t really have a lot of research skills in their ‘kit’ either.

Einstein completed his first Open University course, Trigonometry and Algebra with an exam a couple of weeks back.  We are soo proud of him, he worked many, many hours and encountered a huge learning curve with study and maths skills.  He has already begun his second course, Calculus, and is finding it easier thanks to study skills learnt during his first course.

Yesterday I had my friend R over for a visit, I was in stitches when she recounted how she was not happy that her boys couldn’t rattle off the various authors of books.  In a bid to impart just how serious this skill is, when they couldn’t tell her the author’s name of a library book, she took it back!  Yeah, go girl!!  Knowing your authors is an important skill, how else will you know what books to snaffle up at book sales!  I shared this story with PC and Einstein, as Einstein has known me to adopt various friends terrific ideas before he was instantly worried that I would do the same.  Nope I reassured him, what we would be doing instead would be a nightly quiz, starting immediately.  I put them both through their paces and they received a B.

Our library informed me yesterday, that as of the new financial year they will no longer be able to cap my library fines.  Currently I build up my fines (blush) and then pay a family fee of $10 for all our cards (we have 11).  The new system will see our cards cancelled once the fee reaches $10.  On a positive note though, I can request for the library to send me reminder notices three days prior to books being due, then I can easily renew or return.  Yep I really think this system will work for me:)

Progress on the house has picked up again.  Last weekend PC finished plastering our walk in wardrobe and put the cornices up, waiting for me to paint and then….design my wardrobe!!! This weekend he is finishing the plastering in the games room and putting up the cornices there.  Moving along very nicely:)

If you’re looking for a clean, totally beautiful romance movie you can’t go wrong with The Lake House starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.  Soo romantic!  Up there in my top three romance movies.  My other top favs are Return To Me and While You Where Sleeping.

This week I discovered that my obstetrician whom I have had for my last six babies is retiring, so disappointed:(  Not sure whether the hematoma has shrunk (suspect it has) but I’ll find out with an ultrasound next week for sure.   Talking hematomas I’m begging for prayers for Dwija, her hematoma has developed into a PPROM (preterm premature rupture of the membranes), friends let’s pray for a terrific outcome, it can happen!

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