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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 166)

Whilst culling photos recently I realised I would love to print out some of our photos.  It’s been nine years since we’ve printed anything, blush. So I’m pondering whether to print photos or make photo books, any opinions, experience?  What would you do and who would you recommend?  Also I really, really should ‘slurp’ my blog into books.   Quality, price, ease of use are all matters to consider.  Any recommendations for blog books too?

It was with great surprise I realised this week that I am already 6 months along, only 3 more months till the baby is here!!  Bit embarrassing to realise I was blithely telling folks I was 5 months when I was 6, somehow I lost a month, makes the time go faster anyhow, giggle.

School holidays start today, 2 weeks to relax and catch up on projects.  The holiday list making is underway already, children have their ‘to dos’ and I have mine.  Do other families write holiday lists? The children’s list includes items such as ‘got to the beach’ and ‘have family picnic’, my list includes ‘cull shipping container‘ and ‘paint kitchen’.  All lists are important, we’ll do our best to meet all reasonable wishes. (‘go to Wet and Wild’ has been deemed unrealistic;)

I regularly and spasmodically participate in a few weekly link up parties; 7 Quick Takes Friday, Weekly Rewind, 52 (portrait a week).  My current goal is to visit at least two other contributors and comment, spreading the ‘blog love’ and discovering some new gems:)

There is something completely and utterly satisfying about a totally clean home.  Clean as in ‘mum’s standard’ not childrens;)  So happy to be starting the holidays with such a home, thanks children for your hard effort, very much appreciated:){{}}

We have two more birthdays for the year left, one next week, another in a fortnight’s time.  I’ve been scouring pinterest for boys’ dress up ideas.  Thinking I’ll convert a coat into a Jedi robe and create a knight’s costume from various items (which also need upcycling) And I’m sure the Incredibles’ outfit in the post will be a big hit.

At last week’s book sale I was thrilled to find copies of many of Ruth Rendell’s mysteries, I’m a huge fan of her Inspector Pitt and Monk mysteries.  Imagine how thrilled I was to find another 20 books at the opshop(thrift) for only 50c each!!  Obviously I’ve been voraciously reading them:)

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