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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 181)

Urban legends often portray  sisters fighting over clothes, bickering and demanding back the articles ‘borrowed’.   We don’t have that around here, our 20yr old and 12 yr old are the same size in clothing and happily share clothing and accessorises whilst chatting fashions.  Our teen boys however are a whole ‘nother story.  Let me tell you teen boys are quite possessive over their clothing, demanding instant removal of said ‘borrowed’ articles.  Often times it’s my fault when sorting clothing, as all three are the same size, have similar tastes in clothing and sometimes even buy the same article (men’s clothing options in our town are limited), really, nearly grown men fighting over clothing, too funny.

We started our new school year this week, and as first weeks go it was a great one.  Some years the first week back are great, some not so good.  Being well organised made a big difference and having Anna Maria still home from College, that extra adult to help with lessons has been wonderful. Fortunately she’s home for a few more weeks, hopefully we’ll be eased into lessons well by then.  Of course this weekend I’ll make a tweak a little here and there but not much.

Part of our focus this year is memory work.  Each child is expected to memorise a poem and a catechism lesson per week.  The children have thrown themselves at this task with enthusiasm, it’s wonderful to see, they feel a real sense of achievement and mastery.  Our plan is to have a recitation night mid-week.

I’m probably the last homeschool mama to employ the use of youtube but we’ve been seeing what a help it can be this week.  We  began studying volcanoes and it was so helpful to follow up our reading with a BBC episode on volcanoes.  Then for art, never my strong suit, I just loved using a tutorial on
blending with oil pastels.  Any art/craft tutorials you would recommend?  Any other ‘must watch’ youtubes?

It was with a little uncertainty that I purchased Writing With Skill for our highschoolers.  It looked exactly what we needed but sight unseen is always a risk.  The books arrived yesterday and they look very promising indeed:)  I’ll let you know how we get on.

We’re currently going through a screen detox, this time screen time is set aside for Friday and Saturday afternoons/evenings.   We’ve been living through the ‘I’m bored’, ‘there’s nothing to do’ this week, it will get better, we just have to survive.  It’s all a matter of routine really, getting back into healthy rhythms.

The tiles in our shower are stained, we just can’t get them clean.  At first we thought it might be staining from gum leaves or scum and tried all sorts of cleaners, bi-carb, vinegar etc.  It has been suggested that perhaps the tiles have lost their protective coating and become porous.  Thoughts? Suggestions?

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  • Sharyn

    1. The knickers are what get me, piles and piles of knickers. I can't remember whose are whose. I'm thinking about doing what a friend does. Give each of the older children their own clothes basket and have them be responsible for washing, drying, folding and putting it away. We were getting on to that before our move and it was working quite well. We're trying to find our feet again at the moment. Today's task for me is to reassess exactly how much clothing each person has as we seem to have lots of clothing yet still complaints of not having enough.

    2. It must be nice having the extra help. I'm going to have to look again at what we are doing to make a more workable plan. I've got to get a chore routine up and running too.

    3. Memory work is something that I just don't seem to do right. I'm not really sure what I'm doing wrong. How hard can it be? Make them memorise each day and then they've got it, right? But mine seem to struggle with it and forget it so quickly.
    Do your kids memorise quickly? How do you go about memorisation?

    4. I recommend 'Design Squad'. They have their own You-tube channel. Check out their web-site too. Lots of great activities to get kids thinking about how to make stuff.

    5. I'll be interested to hear how you go with Writing With Skill. I printed off a sample last year for my eldest to try, but it's not really where she's at at the moment.

    6. Rhythms. Very much wanting to get good routines up and running here too.

  • Erin

    Thank you for the links! will check them out:)

    Re 1 – a couple of links, some solutions to the underwear problems,
    also adding I'm now dabbing nail polish to tags, one dot for oldest boy, 2 dots for second boy, 3 for third. This means if they gave the same clothing ie shorts I can tell by dots, if boy 2 hands down clothes I add a dot and becomes boy 3's clothes.

    Our children do all do their own washing, hanging and folding, explanation here

    re 3- actually they do, not sure why, just is. So not sure if I can give you tips.

    re 5 – will let you know when we've got a few weeks under our belt.

  • Cassie Williams

    Isn't a good start to the new school year an awesome feeling??!! Glad to here you are easing into it.

    The clothes thing is funny!

    I had planned to do memory work this year (using Classically Catholic Memory) and it hasn't gone well. We do use their maps and those are wonderful for map work! We are doing the poetry memorization and that is going well. Other than that the books have been put away and not touched. It's more me than the boys. It feels unnatural to me.

  • Erin

    You'll have to do a post on Classical Cath Memory, I'd like to know more. I'd really like to get a handle on mapwork

    I don;t know why I never thought of youtubes before

    Thank you and welcome:)

    can't claim it was my original idea

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