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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 184)

Anna Maria returns to College tomorrow, Carpenter has already returned to the Big Smoke for work.  It’s important for them to ‘fly the nest’ but it doesn’t make us miss them the less.  Happily our two will be sharing a house this year, this makes us very happy to know they will there for each other even more.

Many times in ‘this space’ I choose to focus on the positives, but I do hope my readers realise life here isn’t always smooth.   Monday mid-morning I had one of those absolute frustrating times, that I’m sure is universal to all parents, when our children aren’t doing what they are meant to do, and we feel our blood pressure rise and have to resist (or not) a yelling fit.  I was attending to the baby and then went to check how the children were progressing on their lessons only to find… all the children (bar the oldest) having a water balloon fight.  They’d progressed from the initial battle scene, leaving behind a water saturated deck, to the pool.  More specifically one child, fully clothed, was the ‘target’ in the pool, and the ‘snipers’ were lobbying him from the deck.  Whilst the target, our five year old, was totally happy I was not, and then the inevitable happened, a younger child was hurt when hit hard by a water balloon.  Not sure really why I was mad, partly because they weren’t doing what they were meant to and partly because somebody was sure to be hurt, which they were. Yes life is sure crazy and sometimes frustrating, just so you know.

Talking frustrations I’m having to take a deep breath on the house cleaning front.  I’m either struggling to find a baby free, lesson free moment to clean, or I’m struggling with energy and motivation to do so. When I moaned my frustration and feeling of inadequacies to PC, the darling man told me to ‘cut myself some slack’, I was doing great, the baby is happy, that’s all really that’s important.  Can you see why I love that man?:):)


PC did cut my hair, and I’m really happy with the results.  Such a clever man, he watched a few youtbues and then was all ready.

Anna Maria was impressed enough to ask her Dad to cut her hair too:)  I really think there isn’t anything my darling couldn’t turn his hand to.

*Before pictures here and here

Did you know the front of maternity bras can be secured by clips or magnets?  I never knew about magnets until this baby and I assure you I wish I was still ignorant.  They are impossible to unclip discretely one handed, I seriously dislike them.

Communication is on my mind at present.  Such a difficult thing to do well and the written medium is even a bigger challenge.  So vital though.

Next week I’m planning on joining Jen for another challenge of writing daily for a week, it’s a stretch but all helps with writing growth.  Another great linky party is Maxabella’s Weekend Rewind, a fantastic collection of ‘the best of Aussie blogging’ each week.

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