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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 186)

Bella is growing rapidly and is very long, she has outgrown her 000s and is ready for 00s, but I’m resisting, as was highlighted by my conversation with PC this week.
PC: Bella is too small for 000s, you’re pulling her shoulders down to fit this outfit on. (an all-in-one suit)
Me: But I want her to stay small, I want her to stay in 000s as long as possible.
After saying that I realised how ridiculous I sounded, but the size tussle continues, PC dresses her in 00s, I dress her in 000s and PC complains I’m hunching her shoulders. True, all true but I’m not in a hurry for her to grown up:(

One grammar mis-use that irritates is the use of the word lighted when we all know it should be lit.  At first we put it down to an American vs British difference however a little research informed us that it has and can be used by English purists although as we suspected lighted it is more common American English.

Have you ever had an occasion when receiving bad news that a comic moment overshadows and ‘softens’ the blow?  Last week we took the car into the radiator repair shop, the owner would be the most taciturn tradesman we’ve dealt with.  Certainly a man of few words, he took one look at the radiator and 30 seconds later announced with the worst ‘bedside manner’, “It’s buggered!”  That was it, not a word more he said as he stomped off.  Einstein and I were left speechless trying not to laugh, yes it was going to cost alot but we were too stunned and trying not to hysterically laugh.

Princess wrote a story yesterday, “If I were Prime Minister….. I would build bigger libraries…” Yep, that’s my girl:):)

Had a lovely visit with a couple of older and wiser friends this week; chatting books, children and education.  I’m inspired to seriously consider attempting Latin again, they assured me it’s a good way to learn grammar.

Our visit with our AP (approved person) from the Board of Studies went well this week. I sat him down in front of our learning blog as planned and encouraged him to click away.  We don’t need to see him again for another 2 years.

Last week I participated in the 7 posts in 7 days challenge and my number of comments received decreased noticeably.  I can only assume you were overwhelmed, I confess I was a little myself, don’t worry it will be awhile before I write 7 posts in 7 days again.

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  • Cassie Williams

    Oh my! Is it Friday already?? I enjoyed reading all your post last week! I really just didn't have the time to comment. I remember thinking I would come back when I had time and now I don't remember what I was going to say, lol! It really is Friday already??

  • Charlotte (WaltzingM)

    I think the reason "lit" has decreased in American English usage is because it has become a slang term for getting incredibly drunk. Not just a little drunk, but incredibly intoxicated. In fact, I know that's why I stop myself from using it. "Yes, I lit the grill" just doesn't sound right to me anymore, not grammatically, but because of the alternative slang definition.

  • Kathleen M.

    Your post made me smile all the way through, ending in an outright chuckle at the end. 🙂 I'd be overwhelmed too. I had to laugh when Jen posted the invitation to participate, because I had *just* announced I was backing off to 3 days a week. 🙂

  • Jennifer Gregory Miller

    I saw your post and realized it was Friday! That did not go fast, but just full.

    I think less comments because other bloggers were too busy writing than reading. At least this blogger.

    Awesome record keeping. I need to follow your good example.

  • Erin

    Weeks are flying by

    Charlotte you inspired a comment in a new 7 Quick:)

    Yup, giggle. Feel free to ask any questions

    why thank you:) and welcome to my blog:)

    Great point, I hadn't thought of that

    It was funny, yet the deliverance, still bemused

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