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7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol 189)

Do you know how to easily add a drop down menu bar to blogspot blogs?  I’ve been googling for an answer but the only solution appears to be manually entering each link and category name.  I have a lot of categories for navigation ease, so manually adding would be quite time consuming.  I’d love find a simple solution.

Lisa alerted me to the A-Z blogging challenge for April, every day of April excluding Sundays, you write a blog post beginning with the letter for that day.   I’ve already written up a list of possible posts, for at least half of the alphabet. Over 1000 mad bloggers have signed up and I’m seriously considering joining in.  I might miss a day here or there (such as Good Friday) but I could give it a shot.

Last week I shared our re-commitment to Catechism Memorisation.  Yet memorising the Catechism isn’t as easy as memorising poems, I suspect because it doesn’t have that cadence.  Any tips or ideas to make it enjoyable?

Some of my favourite bloggers are currently writing posts full of inspirational wisdom. Pam wrote this week about Creating Homeschooling Goals for Growth, I’m pondering these words, ..“But it all begins with a person”..”Goals should be specific and measurable..focus on behaviour and not outcomes…on learning and not just completing”..  Lots of food for thought.

Sarah once again continues to amaze me with her insights this week.  In her first post First Thoughts on Next Year she says…“I’m assessing our school year in a way that blesses, rather than curses.  We aren’t talking about products off a factory line here, we’re talking about humans. As in, people. Made in the image and likeness of God and all that…”
In her next post of the week, How to Simplify the Schedule I’m nodding at, “Start with a time budget..Insist on Margin..” ‘Cause folks that folks is simply true, allow time.  This year we’ve been having one of our most successful years, with a new baby and all because I allowed time.  I pared down to what was essential, and allowed time, time to ponder, time to live.

When Jen wrote a little while back about keeping a Commonplace Book, for the first time ever I was inspired to begin one myself but.. what to write about? Now though I know! I’m going to begin writing all these inspiring words of wisdom.

Thanks to Sarah’s continual enthusiasm I finally listened to a little of Andrew Kearn and I’m now staunchly a fan.  I took Sarah’s advice and listened to video 3 from 28:04 onwards. And as I certain that my excruciating wrist pain is indeed thanks to holding books whilst reading (how weird) I’m giving books a rest and am planning on checking out all these audio podcasts.

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  • Pam Barnhill

    Love the way the site is looking!! I usually read in a reader so I had not seen the redesign. Thanks for the link. I have a few more posts coming up in the next few weeks on how we memorize — using pictures, motions, and song. Oh, and cheers! The kids love cheers. Not sure that is appropriate for the catechism, but sometimes I just go with what gets the job done anyway! 🙂

  • Erin

    Thanks Pam! You just made my day:) Really look foward to reading your posts and I can't see why cheers are inappropriate. Actually I just had a thought, wonder if I could do something like a quiz team

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